In 2016, UK Pets, a place wholly dedicated to every pet lover and our beloved animals, was launched. As a team of fellow pet enthusiasts, our aim is to create an interactive and responsive platform where all pet lovers can share our love and knowledge for our pets.

UK Pets Magazine

UK Pets e-magazine is a fresh quarterly digital magazine primarily devoted to pets and us, lucky owners. It focuses on how our pets create a big and meaningful impact on our lives. The magazine is packed with engaging, informative, and entertaining pet articles. UK Pets magazine contains an extensive range of topics, which encompasses behaviour and training, health and wellness, pet product reviews, striking pet stories, and much more!

If you have heart-warming, fun, or interesting stories about you and your pet, we would love to hear from you. Please reach us via [email protected]

Our Goals

We bring you the latest updates on pet news and the hottest entertaining events such as Crufts and New York pet fashion shows, and give tips and advice relating to pet care, health, and training. We want to celebrate being a pet lover and let everyone know how rewarding and awesome it is to have an animal soulmate.

If you are looking for your first pet or adding a new furry buddy to your family, check out the pet classified section or visit the adoption section for pets that are eagerly waiting for their new forever home.

You also have easy access to our comprehensive A to Z breed list. It provides you with extensive information about the most popular cat and dog breeds. It is extremely useful in understanding the pet you have or planning to welcome home.

To help wannabe pet owners decide what breed of dog or cat to choose, we have developed tools that allow you to work out the breed that best suits your lifestyle and personality.