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Exercise Level:
Good with Children:
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Weight: 3 - 5kg M | 3 - 5kg F
Life Expectancy: 15 - 20 Years

Searching for an American Shorthair?


The American Shorthair breed is known as one of the best mousers on the planet. In fact, it is this skill that got this breed to reach North American shores. As official ship mousers, these cats arrived in America from the British Isles through British ships.

Intelligent, muscular, and healthy, the American Shorthair cat is a descendant of the British Shorthair, which is smaller. This cat breed’s compact body can come in 1 of these 4 coat patterns: solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, and calico. She also has a variety of color combinations.

The American Shorthair cat is a great pet for busy families and first-time cat owners, thanks to her friendly, social, and outgoing nature. She can keep herself amused and is not very needy.

This short-haired breed has a coat that does not have matting issues. The America Shorthair cat virtually requires no grooming. This cat breed can live for 15–20 years.

Are you interested in getting an American Shorthair cat? Here is a brief background of this popular cat breed,

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Contrary to popular belief, American Shorthair cats are not American cats. They are believed to have originated from seafaring cats in Europe that were brought to North America.

These felines are said to have boarded the Mayflower vessel that was headed to Massachusetts in 1620. They were considered assets in ships because they were great at controlling the rodent populations.

As they landed in the New World, these cats were interbred and learned to adapt to a different life and climate. In the 20th century, a selective breeding programme was created to produce their best qualities.

Formerly known as Domestic Shorthairs, American Shorthair cats were eventually placed in shops and farms due to their great ratting abilities. Aside from going after rats, they were able to save crops from chipmunks, squirrels, and other pests.

In 1966, the breed’s name was changed to American Shorthair to distinguish her from other random-bred Shorthair cats and other domestic cats.

The American Shorthair was one of the first cat breeds that were presented in cat shows when cat showing first began. This led her to be recognised by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1906, and she is now recognised in all cat registries.

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Appearance and Grooming

The American Shorthair cat breed is a medium-sized feline. As she was developed to be a working cat, she has a distinctive sturdy, stocky, and strong body.

Male American Shorthair cats weigh around 4–5 kilos (11–15 pounds). Female Shorthair cats are smaller than their male counterparts as they weigh around 2–5 kilos (6–12 pounds).

The American Shorthair cat breed is slow to mature. American Shorthair kittens usually reach their full size when they are 3–4 years of age.

The agility and durability of American Shorthair cats allow them to effortlessly stalk their prey. They are blessed with strong legs that enable them to pounce and climb easily.

The American Shorthairs have a large head that is highlighted by their full cheeks that give off such sweet expressions. Their medium-sized ears are rounded and their eyes are large and wide.

The American Shorthair cat breed has a short and dense coat that comes in various adorable colors and patterns. The most popular color is probably the silver tabby pattern. Other colors include white, cream, black, silver, gold, brown, cameo, chinchilla, and blue cream.

Do American Shorthair cats shed a lot?

No, American Shorthairs are moderate shedders, so they shed minimally. However, they usually shed a bit heavier in the spring and summer. With their short, fuss-free coat, matting is not a problem.

Brushing the American Shorthair cat can be done at least twice or thrice a week. As a cat that grooms herself, bathing is a rare thing unless she rolls over into something really dirty.

Are American Shorthair cats hypoallergenic?

No, American Shorthair cats are not hypoallergenic as they are moderate shedders. If you are suffering from pet allergies, it would be wise to look for another cat breed.

The Devon Rex, Siberian Cat, Balinese Cat, or Cornish Rex are some of the few hypoallergenic cats that are great for cat lovers with allergies.

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Temperament and Intelligence

Are American Shorthair cats friendly?

Yes, American Shorthair cats are friendly. Cats are often branded as indifferent creatures, but these sweet-natured felines do not fit the bill. They are calm and easy-going family pets that love interacting and playing with people, making them great family companions.

Are American Shorthair cats aggressive?

No, American Shorthair cats are not aggressive. They are relaxed around strangers, great with children, and gentle with dogs. Just make sure that playtime does not get too rough.

Interactions with very young kids should always be supervised. When it comes to smaller pets like birds and mice, it is better to avoid having them because this breed has strong hunting instincts.

Do American Shorthair cats like to cuddle?

Yes, American Shorthair cats like to cuddle. They are very social felines, and bonding with their human companions is one of the many things they love. However, every cat has her own distinct personality.

Some American Shorthair cats do not like cuddles, but they can be taught to enjoy it through positive reinforcement.

How smart are American Shorthair cats?

American Shorthair cats are highly sensitive and trainable. They are intelligent and enjoy playing with interactive and puzzle toys. These smart felines can also be taught to explore places with their owners by walking on a lead.

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Nutrition and Feeding

The American Shorthair cat breed loves to eat and is prone to gaining weight, so you have to watch her food intake. Experts believe that these felines should be fed high-quality canned or home-made food.

Kibbles may be a practical option, but water content may be too low, carbs high, and protein insufficient. Choose varieties that are formulated for indoor cats with fewer activities. The number one ingredient is high-quality meat like duck, turkey, beef, chicken, or salmon.

The American Shorthair cat breed can do well with grains, but ensure they are the complex ones rather than the simple carbohydrate types with empty calories. She will also do well with sweet potatoes, oats, and brown rice.

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Health and Exercise

The American Shorthair cat breed is sturdy, but like most breeds of cats, she is predisposed to some health issues. The following are the most common health problems found in these felines:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

It is a hereditary cardiovascular disease that occurs due to the enlargement of the heart muscles. No definitive cure is known for this condition yet. Hence, the vet will focus on managing its symptoms.

For instance, they may administer medications on affected American Shorthair cats to slow their heart rate.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

This condition is characterised by the presence of cysts in the kidneys. It is caused by a genetic abnormality and currently has no available cure. Medications, diet changes, and fluid therapy will be carried out to alleviate the symptoms brought on by this renal problem.

Although modern American Shorthair cats are known as indoor pets, regular exercise is needed to avoid obesity. They are moderately active, so generally keeping them moving will do the trick.

Provide your American Shorthair cat with lots of toys such as wands and lasers. You may place her food and water bowls on top of the stairs to encourage exercise.

Some American Shorthair cat owners usually get cats in pairs so they can play, wrestle, and chase each other.

How long do American Shorthair cats live?

The American Shorthair lifespan is about 15–20 years. To make sure that your furry friend will live a long and healthy life, be consistent in providing her daily needs. She should have a high-quality diet, lots of love and attention, and a stress-free home. Don't forget the regular trips to the vet too.

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Cost of Ownership

Your American Shorthair kitten needs high-quality cat food to ensure that she matures into a healthy adult cat. Monthly food expenses for your new pet will cost around £10–£15.

Make her new home comfortable and cosy by providing her necessities including litter boxes, water and food bowls, scratching post, bed, collar, name tag, and toys. The overall expenditure for these items may range around £50–£100.

Visiting the vet will be a regular part of your routine when raising an American Shorthair kitten. You will likely spend around £30–£60 for each check-up session.

Vaccination is another important aspect that should not be overlooked as kittens are highly vulnerable to numerous diseases. Getting your American Shorthair kitten vaccinated will set you back about £40–100.

Other parts of the American Shorthair kitten’s healthcare are the administration of flea and tick treatments and heartworm treatments. The former cost around £60–£120 per year, whilst the latter cost about £50–£60 annually. If you opt to get your kitten spayed or neutered, prepare to pay £100–£400.

As the medical care for your new pet can be expensive, having pet insurance should be considered. It will help in lowering the cost of her vet expenses and provide a better chance for affordable treatments in emergencies.

Time-limited pet insurance has a monthly fee of £6–£15. If you prefer a lifetime pet insurance policy, its cost is higher than that of the time-limited coverage. You may need to pay around £10 and upwards a month for it.

How much does an American Shorthair cat cost?

The American Shorthair price ranges from £500–£900. Expect to pay more for a pedigree cat. Consider acquiring your American Shorthair cat from a cat shelter or a rescue organisation to give homeless felines another chance in having a loving forever home.

American Shorthair Breed Highlights

  • The American Shorthair cat breed is a formidable hunter that is capable of trapping rodents and pests quickly. She’s an ideal pet if you need a pest control partner at home.
  • American Shorthair cats are very easy to care for as they require practically no grooming and are relatively healthy.
  • The American Shorthair cat is easy-going and affectionate yet not needy compared to other cat breeds.
  • As an intelligent, highly trainable, and sensitive cat, she should be mentally and physically stimulated daily.
  • Despite their hunting abilities, American Shorthair cats love to laze around the house. As such, they are at risk of developing obesity problems.
  • The American Shorthair cat breed is an ideal cat for a family or a first-time cat owner.
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