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The Ashera Cat breed is currently the rarest and most expensive cat breed in existence. This exotic designer cat with a hefty price tag is believed to have been a product of an Asian Leopard cat crossed with an African Serval, which is a wild African Cat.

However, the real genealogy of the Ashera Cat continues to be unclear and controversial.

Ashera Cats are magnificent felines with a sociable and calm temperament. Known for being doglike, they bond well with their human companions.

Because of their high intelligence and playfulness, they need a living environment that will keep them mentally and physically active.

Grooming the Ashera Cat is easy as her coat does well with minimal brushing. For now, the breed is not known to be predisposed to any health issues. This hybrid breed can live up to 25 years if they are well cared for.

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The rarest domestic cat available is called the Ashera (TM). She is a large hybrid cross domesticated cat breed created in the United States in 2007. She was developed in a laboratory of the Los Angeles-based “Lifestyle Pets” company.

The Ashera Cat’s creation was initiated by Simon Brodie, the owner of the business, with the help of a team of geneticists. They were very tight-lipped about the breeding programme of this exotic-looking designer cat breed.

Thus, the Ashera Cat’s exact breeding history is unclear despite her being relatively a new cat breed. However, the breeders did disclose that she is a cross between a domestic cat, an African Serval, and an Asian Leopard Cat like the Bengal Cat.

Due to controversy of the Ashera Cat breed’s true lineage, Lifestyle Pets halted their breeding programme in June 2008. The breed was marketed as by the company to be the world’s largest, rarest, and most exotic domesticated cat.

What hybrid is an Ashera cat?

According to the so-called breeders, the Ashera Cat is a cross between an African Serval Cat and an Asian Leopard Cat. However, Chris Shirk, a Savannah Cat breeder, revealed a DNA test result showing that the breed is a fake and the cats were bred by him.

He claims that some of the Ashera Cats are in fact F1 Savannah Cats but were marketed as new designer felines.

What is a Savannah cat?

The Savannah is a rare, existing, and TICA-recognised (The International Cat Association) cat breed that was created by mating a pedigree domestic cat with an African Serval. It is believed to be the true face of the Ashera Cat.

The Savannah Cat is dubbed as the world’s largest domestic cat breed. She is a fully domesticated feline with a wonderful doglike personality despite her wild appearance. Savannah Cats are also known for their fondness of water and high intelligence.

The extreme likeness of the Ashera to the Savannah Cat breed leaves countless of cat lovers dubious of its authenticity.

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Appearance and Grooming

The Ashera Cat size is humongous; hence, the Lifestyle Pets company labelled her as the largest cat breed. This designer feline’s weight ranges from 12–15 kilos (26–33 pounds).

The Ashera Cat's height is around 150 centimetres (1.5 meters / 4.9 feet). This makes the breed as big as a medium-sized or large dog.

Generally, Ashera Cats have a sturdy yet slender physique. Their legs are long with the hind legs longer than the front. Thus, their hindquarters are elegantly upturned. They have small heads and large upright ears. They commonly have green or honey-coloured eyes.

The Ashera Cat breed has 4 variations. Thus, their physical appearance may vary. Let's take a look at how each variation is different from the other:

1. Standard Ashera Cats

Standard Ashera Cats possess black leopard-like spots on both sides of their body. Contrasting elongated tiger stripes can be found from the neck to the base of their tail. They have an eye-catching brown or beige coat colour.

2. Hypoallergenic Ashera Cats

These cats have the same appearance as Standard Ashera Cats. However, their distinctive trait is their hypoallergenic coat. Compared to other Ashera Cat types, they are less likely to trigger pet allergic reactions.

3. Snow Ashera Cats

These cats are also called White Ashera Cats due to their predominant white coat colour. Their fur sports patches of strong amber or coffee-coloured shades. These characteristics make these cats look similar to small snow leopards.

4. Royal Ashera Cats

The coat of Royal Ashera Cats has a delicate cream colour. Their fur has spots or black and orange stripes, which are more defined than their other counterparts.

Royal Ashera Cats make up only 4% of the litter. Hence, they are the rarest and most exclusive type of this designer cat breed.

The Ashera Cat breed has a low-maintenance luxurious short coat. She is not fond of water, like most cats.

The ancestors of Ashera Cats are used to living in hot climates. For this reason, this cat breed can endure warm temperatures but not cold weather. Thus, cat owners should prepare a warm and cosy cat bed for their pets during the winter season.

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Temperament and Intelligence

The Ashera Cat personality is described to be very doglike. This cat breed looks like a smaller version of a leopard or tiger, but she is not fierce nor wary of humans.

Ashera Cats love human company and are extremely chatty. These talkative felines communicate with sharp meows.

Ashera Cats love being around their loved ones as much as they enjoy their independence. They are not as clingy as other cat breeds and enjoy spending time alone.

The Ashera Cat is child-friendly as she has a relaxed and easy-going nature. Because of her large size, she is not the most suitable choice for households with small animals including toy dogs.

The Ashera Cat is highly intelligent and curious, they are clever enough to open doors.

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Nutrition and Feeding

The Ashera is not a picky eater. She will eat regular cat food if it is offered. However, the suitable food choice for her would be raw diet because of her wild cat lineage.

A healthy amount of fresh beef, poultry, and fish will satisfy the Ashera Cats’ dietary needs. Feeding them balanced and nutrient-rich meals, their coat condition, and overall health will be enhanced.

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Health and Exercise

The Ashera Cat breed’s exact lifespan is unknown. Some state that this designer pet can live up to 10–16 years. On the other hand, scientists believe that this hybrid cat can live longer than ordinary domesticated felines.

They estimate that the Ashera Cat breed's lifespan can reach 25 years.

As of now, breed-specific health issues of Ashera Cats are undetermined since they are a new addition to the feline world. Experts are still looking out for any diseases that may become prevalent in the cat breed.

The Ashera Cat is a playful and smart feline who can learn to walk on a leash. Provide her with interactive cat toys to stimulate her physically and mentally.

Keep her busy and active, or else the Ashera will find other ways to entertain herself, which can yield unsavoury and destructive results.

Ashera Cat Breed Highlights

  • The Ashera cat is contested to be a Savannah cat rather than a new designer breed.
  • They have low-maintenance coats and so are easy to groom.
  • They are sociable felines but they are also contented in being alone.
  • Their wild cat heritage makes them very active cats with great hunting skills.

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