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Exercise Level:
Good with Children:
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Weight: 2 - 4kg M | 2 - 4kg F
Life Expectancy: 15 - 18 Years

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True to its name, the Australian Mist was bred and developed in Australia. It is amongst the newly introduced breed in the UK. It was accepted by the GCCF in October 2011. As such, there are only a few Australian Mist catteries in the UK and in other countries. On the bright side, the development of this breed is well-documented, it will be helpful in future breeding efforts.

This breed is a perfect choice for first-time owners. It is a well-balanced feline with nothing extreme on its appearance, characteristic, and maintenance responsibilities. The breed is developed to be to be an indoor cat. It is said that the Australian Mist prefers to spend the day with its owner rather than having its own ventures. Indeed, it is the cosiest pet to have.

Are you up for owning an Australian Mist? Here is a brief background of this cat which was originally referred as Spotted Mist.

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Formerly called the Spotted Mist, the Australian Mist is developed by Dr Truda Straede with an aim of having strictly a housecat to address the issue of feral cats threatening Australia’s wildlife. The breeding was accomplished in 1980 by outcrossing the Burmese, the Abyssinian, and domestic shorthaired tabby cats. The Australian mist’s companionability and four of its basic colours were acquired from the Burmese. Its intelligence and ticking pattern were attributed to the Abyssinian, whilst its spots and maturity were from the domestic tabby.

From Spotted Mist to Australian Mist, the name changed in 1998 when other coat patterns were accepted as part of the breed. In February 2007, Mary Stuart introduced two pregnant cats into the UK. Within two years, around 100 to 200 Australian Mist cats can be found in the UK. To ensure the breed’s gene pool, more cats were imported in July 2010. The breed earned recognition in successive years.

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Appearance and Grooming

The Australian Mist is a medium-sized shorthaired feline that can weigh between 8-15 lbs (4-7 kgs). In general, this breed has a well-portioned body structure with slender legs and hind legs that are slightly higher than its forelegs. Its paws are oval-shaped. The tail is long and well- furred with a rounded tip.

Its eyes appear large and luminous with an eye colour of green or any shade from chartreuse to aquamarine. The look is completed with a round head, rounded cheeks and moderately large ears.

One of the Australian Mist’s distinctive features is its coat with which has a misting effect. It has two accepted patterns, spotted and marbled. There are three levels of description on of its coat pattern:

  • The ground colour can be paler than the pattern.
  • The pattern can be diluted but remains distinct from the ground colour.
  • Ticking within the solid colour areas

This breed can be in any of these colours: brown, blue, cinnamon (gold), chocolate, lilac, and fawn (peach). The colour generally appears rich and warm, lighter on the under parts and darker on nose, cheeks and ears.

A few minutes of good grooming by hand twice a week is sufficient. Complete grooming with such as nail trimming, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning are required. The earlier the grooming routine is introduced the better.

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Temperament and Intelligence

The Australian Mist’s personality is remarkably known as gentle and affectionate. As such, this feline is happily kept as an indoor pet. Its breeding programme is designed to produce a cat with a loving temperament. It is an ideal pet for all ages, from children to seniors. It is known to have a tolerance for children and is less likely to engage in scratching when provoked. It can also live well with any dog breed that can be tolerant of cats. It can adapt well in a home with pets as it enjoys the company of others.

The Australian Mist cannot handle being left alone. It thrives with human contact and would love to be included in family activities. Owners would find this cat sitting on their laps with or without invitation and relishing cuddle time.

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Nutrition and Feeding

The Australian Mist cat should be given a nutritious diet that fulfils its nutritional needs. It should be consistently given the same food following the same meal schedule. If there are changes to its diet, those must be done gradually to prevent digestive problems.

The serving portions should depend on the cat’s weight, age, and activity level. Its diet must include at least 25% protein and just 5% carbohydrates.

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Health and Exercise

The average Australian Mist’s longevity ranges from 15-18 years. This cat breed is among the healthiest and is not known to have health issues.

Ensure that this feline gets enough exercise, and its diet managed well to prevent it from becoming overweight. Be firm on its diet, as this feline is prone to over-eating.

Australian mists prefer to stay indoors and bond with their owners. Although known to be indoor domestic cats, these felines love to exercise and play games. They also love to climb and explore every nook and cranny. Considered as athletes, Australian Mists have limitless energy. If they are kept most of the time indoors, give them climbing and scratching trees, and interactive toys to keep them occupied.

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Cost of Ownership

The price tag of a healthy Australian Mist Cat ranges from £700–£1000. To keep her healthy and strong, feed your new pet high-quality cat food, which will set you back £20–£55 monthly.

You will need to purchase basic cat necessities such as scratching posts and litter trays to create a cat-friendly home. It may require you to shell out approximately £50–£400.

Young Australian Mist Cats need to have vaccinations to keep them safe from highly contagious ailments. Vaccine shots cost around £40–100.

Provide your pet extra protection from diseases by administering antiparasitic treatments. Set aside around £50–£60 for tick and flea treatments and £60–£120 for heartworm treatments.

Routine vet visits for check-ups have a fee of £30–£60 for each session. As vet care can be expensive, consider getting pet insurance to reduce the expenses.

If you go for a lifetime coverage, you may need to spend over £10 every month. Picking a time-limited coverage will require you to shell out £6–£15 monthly.

Australian Mist Breed Highlights

  • The Australian Mist is perfect as an indoor cat as it prefers to stay inside with your company.
  • This feline loves the company of humans and other pets, hence, it cannot handle being left alone.
  • It is an adaptable pet that can live well with other animals.
  • It has a high tolerance for children.
  • This breed requires little grooming.
Australian Mist

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