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Great Missenden | Cats For Adoption by RANA - Rescue Animals of North Africa

Saminah is a very playful little girl! She can be a bit shy with new people to start with, but will come around. Saminah is used to living with many other cats and dogs and would also be OK in a home with older children, as long as they were calm. Like a typical Siamese, Saminah is very chatty and adores her foster mother and rescuer Emna. Saminah has had a very sad start to life; she was born on the streets of Tunisia where it is very likely her mother was thrown out on the streets when she got pregnant, a common occurrence. Sterilising is rare in Tunisia and cats suffer greatly because of this. Thankfully she escaped the dangers - from traffic, to cruel humans and hungry dogs, although her mother and siblings were not so lucky. Her mother was killed by a pack of street dogs, leaving Saminah alone to fend for herself. She is a fighter and a lucky charm and deserves someone loving and patient to give her a chance. If you are interested in adopting Saminah please complete our adoption questionnaire on our website and read more about the work we do across North Africa. Saminah is fully vaccinated, sterilised and chipped with all her legal UK paperwork.