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Working dog refers to a dog bred or trained to perform tasks to assist its human companions on a regular basis. This dog is registered in the breed registries of The Kennel Club under the category of the Working Group. Working dogs are highly prized for their physical and mental abilities to help people in various tasks, including pulling carts or sleds, guarding, land and water rescues, and police and military work.


Most dogs selected to be trained for work are strong, highly intelligent dogs with good temperaments. They are easy to teach and thrive with people who enjoy training and giving them a job to do. These working dogs excel in the training class, obedience, and agility or flyball rings. Working closely with humans, dogs in the Working Group tend to form strong ties with its family, providing as much love and companionship anyone could hope for.

It is important to note that each country categorises dogs differently. For example, American Kennel Club (US) and The Kennel (UK) do not recognise dogs that are used to herd and guard cattle on farms as belonging to the working group category despite their working roles. These dogs are in a separate category, which is the Pastoral Group. The same goes for dogs as hunting companions, which are categorised by the Kennel Club under the Gundog Group. However, Australia and New Zealand kennel clubs refer to a working dog as one trained to work livestock, no matter the breed.

Want a dog from the Working Group? Here is a list of all the dogs registered under the Toy Group of The Kennel Club in the UK.
Advantages of owning a Working Dog
  • Working dogs are easy to train.
  • They are willing to work any jobs.
  • They form strong bonds with their family.
  • They are medium-to-giant dogs.
  • They are loyal partners that offer protection.
  • Working dogs often have a high stamina for fieldwork.

Each dog breed may not exhibit the same temperament or is not as easy to train regardless if they come from the same breed group. Some factors that affect their upbringing are its environment, training and socialisation. Before buying a dog, make sure you do your research.

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Kc Golden Retriever Bitches
  • Rugeley, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
  • 23 April 2019 (Today)
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I have 5 KC registered golden retriever bitches looking for their forever homes, they were born on 21/03/19 so won't be ready to leave us until 16/04/19 onwards. They have been brought up in a family home with my three daughters. shades do vary, they are well socialized, ?200 non refundable deposit required, please feel free to ask any questions you can email me on [email removed] as with a busy family I don't always get to answer the phone. only serious enquiries no time wasters

Two Siberian Huskies Dogs Needs New Forever Homes
  • Burntwood, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
  • 23 April 2019 (Today)
  • For Sale by Private Seller


Hi my two dogs one female Luna (light brown ) one male demon (black and white ) need to find new homes they are just over a year old now they have been brought up with children but wouldn’t trust them with other pets they are both un neutered and are due there booster jabs they are very lively strong dogs on the leads and pull hard so will need more training demon is very vocal which is why I’m having to rehome them both due to him now upsetting the neighbors as well demon and Luna have been together since pups so cannot be separated as they are best of friends (brought from different litters ) and cry if you try and separate them even for a short time please only contact me if you can give them a lot of your time and a loving home they deserve as we won’t let them go to just anyone and you know about the breed

Golden Retriever Puppies
  • Turriff, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
  • 23 April 2019 (Today)
  • For Sale by Private Seller


Golden retriever puppies 3 girls and 2 boys pedigreed and KC registered microchipped and vet checked wormed up to date both parents can be seen viewing very welcome £100 non refundable deposit secures puppy for more info please call

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