Entlebucher Mountain Dog

  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog Puppies
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dogs in Great Britain
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog Dogs
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dogs in the UK
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog Dog
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog in Great Britain
  • Entlebucher Mountain Dog Puppy

Working Group

Exercise Level:
Barking Level:
Good with Children:
Good with other pets:
Height: 48 - 51cm M | 48 - 51cm F
Weight: 25 - 30kg M | 25 - 30kg F
Life Expectancy: 11 - 15 Years

Considering getting an Entlebucher Mountain Dog?

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is believed to have descended from large Molossers brought by the Romans in the first century BC to Switzerland. It is among the Swiss mountain dog breeds also known as Sennenhund breeds, albeit smaller with it weighing 45 to 65 pounds and standing at 42 to 48 centimetres at the withers. Entlebucher Mountain Dogs were bred as herding dogs and are known for their agility, balance and determination. As a family pet, this breed is loyal, smart and confident but rarely aggressive.

Do you think the Entlebucher Mountain Dog will fit right into your lifestyle? To help you decide, here is a brief background of this intelligent Swiss dog.

book icon History

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is one among the four Swiss dog breeds (Sennenhund) which include the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Appenzeller Mountain Dog. However, the Entlebucher is smaller and considered to be quicker. The name Entlebucher was derived after a region in Switzerland where the breed was first bred to work.

Like the other Swiss dogs, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is believed to have descended from the large ancient Mollosers that the Romans brought to Switzerland in the first century BC when they crossed the Alps. At that time, there was little distinction between the Appenzeller and the Entlebucher, until the latter was defined as a separate breed in 1889.

In 1913, Albert Heim advocated to increase the population of the Sennenhund breeds, and the dog breeds were entered into the Swiss Kennel Club book, including the Entlebucher. However, when World War I broke out, the Entlebucher and other Swiss dog breeds dwindled in numbers. It was not until 1926 that sixteen Sennenhund dogs were found, and the breed was slowly restored. However, until this day Entlebucher dog breeds are still rare in the UK.

comb icon Appearance and Grooming

The Entlebucher Mountain dog is the smaller among the Swiss mountain dog breed weighing 45 to 65 pounds and standing 42 to 48 centimetres at the withers. This breed has a compact body that is well-muscled, which makes it ideal for a herding dog. Its wedge shape head is nicely proportioned to its body. It also has a strong flat skull that is almost parallel to the muzzle, a slight furrow and a stop. The Entlebucher has a long jaw that is well-formed and powerful. Its eyes are alert with its round shape that is moderately large and can be anything from hazel to dark brown with nice black rims.

Entlebuchers have short, smooth and shiny close-fitting coats which are black with symmetrical markings of pure white and tan on the face, muzzle, chest and feet. On the eyebrows, one can see shades of rich fawn to mahogany. This breed is low maintenance and requires less grooming. It only needs a good brushing once every few weeks to keep its coat tidy and shiny. There is moderate shedding, but it may increase a bit during spring and autumn. Nevertheless, Entlebuchers only need occasional baths or when it's needed.

Apart from the caring for their coats, the Entlebucher’s fast-growing nails must regularly be trimmed to avoid overgrowth and splitting. As well, their ears should also be checked to avoid too much wax build-up prone to infection. Oral care should not be dismissed as its neglect will cause gum disease and other dental issues.

bulb icon Temperament and Intelligence

Steady, good-natured, loyal and protective, the agile Entlebucher Mountain dog is a people-pleaser and desires to form strong bonds with its owners. Its devoted personality and intelligence make it a biddable breed that is easy to train. As a working dog bred to herd cattle, the Entlebucher needs to be kept busy. Without the required physical and mental stimulation, this breed is quick to become bored, resulting in bad habits and negative behaviour.

The Entlebucher is not ideal for first-time owners since the breed needs to be trained and given enough attention by someone who is familiar with handling active and smart working dogs. As mentioned, the Entlebucher tends to form strong bonds with its family, thus, it is prone to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

When it comes to getting along with children in the household, Entlebuchers are known to be friendly dogs that enjoy any interactive games. However, it is essential to make sure any interaction is supervised to avoid accidents especially when playtime gets a bit boisterous and rough. As for other pets, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs can get on well with cats and other dogs if they were raised alongside the breed. It is important that any breed has early socialisation and training so it can be a well-rounded dog.

food icon Nutrition and Feeding

A typical serving for an adult Entlebucher Mountain Dog is 4 to 5 cups of high-quality, premium dry dog food, spread over two meals. There are dog formulas specially formulated for dogs of all sizes. However, it is best to consult with a veterinarian regarding its nutritional requirement and feeding schedule.

To give you an idea, a typical calorie needs of a 55-pound, adult Entlebucher Mountain Dog per day:

  • Senior and less active: up to 1,250 calories daily
  • Typical adults: up to 1,410 calories daily
  • Physically active/working dogs: up to 1,570 calories daily

The Entlebucher’s diet must include a balance of protein and fat, which must meet its calorie need. Real meat is ideal such as lamb, beef, venison, and chicken. Also include fruits and vegetables as these are good sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that will keep its coat and skin healthy. 

stethoscope icon Health and Exercise

Diet and nutrition are important to ensure your dog's long-term health and for an Entlebucher to live up to its lifespan of 15 years. However, sometimes some breed-specific hereditary health conditions get in the way. Here are a few genetic health issues that you should look out for: Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Heart Murmurs, Haemolytic Anaemia and Ectopic Ureter.

To keep it healthy and happy, Entlebuchers need adequate exercise on top of a balanced diet. This dog breed is an active working dog that is highly energetic, thu,s be given at least 60 minutes of daily exercise. Entlebuchers would love nothing more than to be outdoors, so they are ideal for people who have an outdoorsy lifestyle. However, make sure that when your Entlebucher is out and about, they are always within a securely fenced area like a back garden or they will escape.

pound icon Cost of Ownership

Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a rare breed, given its history and how only a few puppies are registered per year. What this means for you is that buying an Entlebucher puppy may be a bit costly and you will have to be put on a waitlist to get one. The initial purchase of an Entlebucher puppy can be anywhere from £500 and upwards.

The financial hurdle does not stop there. When you get a dog, some expenditures must be considered to make sure your Entlebucher is happy, healthy and well settled in. For example, getting a pet insurance is important and will cost you about £60 to £105 a month, depending on the level of coverage.

You also check with a veterinarian to make sure your dog is not suffering from any illness. However, other than regular veterinary consultations, initial vaccinations, boosters and even spaying (when the time comes) will quickly cost you up to £1,400 a year. Food is, of course, a no-brainer cost. To feed your Entlebucher Mountain Dog premium dog food, be prepared to shell out a budget of £40 to £50 a month. Overall, a monthly estimate of £110 to £170 is what might be required to keep and care for an Entlebucher dog.

Is an Entlebucher Mountain Dog Right for You?

  • The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a loyal, devoted and protective dog breed.
  • As a working breed, it needs to be kept busy, or it becomes destructive.
  • It is not the ideal choice for first-time dog owners since it requires hands-on training.
  • It sheds minimally but can shed more during autumn and springtime.
  • Entlebuchers love the outdoors and are ideal for outdoorsy owners.

Are you sure the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is the best breed for you? Take the Pet Breed Selector Quiz to find your perfect breed match.

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The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is ideal for people looking for loyal and devoted working dogs. If you're not too sure about owning one, you can check out other similar breeds with our Pet Finder.

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