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Exercise Level:
Barking Level:
Good with Children:
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Height: 23 - 26cm M | 23 - 26cm F
Weight: 3 - 8kg M | 3 - 8kg F
Life Expectancy: 12 - 15 Years

Looking for a Poochon?


The Poochon is a charming small designer breed created by crossing the Bichon Frise and the Toy Poodle or Miniature Poodle. Dog lovers have lots of nicknames for the breed, including Bich-Poo, Bichdoodle, Bichon Poo, and Bichondoodle.

The Poochon breed has lots of love and loyalty for his family members. Apart from his human companions, he is also friendly with other people and pets. His energetic and playful nature makes him a wonderful family pet that loves to make his owners smile.

Poochons are low-shedders that require moderate to high levels of maintenance. Grooming this small designer breed includes daily brushing. These pooches will only need occasional grooming as well as trimming. They are intelligent and active dogs that are eager to learn and only require moderate amounts of exercise.

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What is a Poochon?

The Poochon dog breed is also known as Bich-Poo, Bichonpoo, Bichdoodle, Bichoodle, and Bichondoodle. He is a hybrid dog that was created through cross-breeding a Toy or Miniature Poodle and a Bichon Frise. This small designer breed was solely developed to be a loving and lively companion dog.

Poochons are thought to have long existed naturally. It was not until the late 1900s that breeders began to intentionally mate the smaller varieties of the Standard Poodle and Bichon Frise. The breeders wanted to create a breed that is highly affectionate and fits well in families with children.

The breeders also aimed to make the Poochon dog breed hypoallergenic and healthier than the Bichon Frise and the Toy and Miniature Poodle.

The breeders’ hard work paid off as the very first litter of Poochon puppies were birthed in Australia. Not long after, the UK and US followed suit in breeding these wonderful family dogs.

Is a Poochon a pedigree?

The Poochon breed is a cross between two purebred dogs, making him a hybrid dog or a designer breed. Thus, Poochons are not yet eligible for Kennel Club registration, which is why, unlike purebred dogs, the breed does not have a specific breed standard.

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Appearance and Grooming

What does a Poochon look like?

The Poochon dog’s appearance varies depending on which parent breed is more dominant in his blood. In general, this small designer breed has a symmetrical head.

The Poochon dog breed’s neck is fairly long and somewhat arched. He has a broad and balanced chest. He has round black eyes that are set not too close to each other.

This Poodle mix’s height ranges from 23 to 26 centimetres, and his weight is around 3–8 kilos. Poochon puppies will become full-grown dogs when they are about 12 months old.

The Poochon dog breed is known for its teddy bear appearance. His nose can either be black or brown.

When it comes to the muzzle, some Poochons have shorter ones than others. Their ears tend to be slightly shorter too. This designer dog possesses straight and sturdy front legs.

Poochons have sinuous and powerful hindquarters. Their round feet are compact and nicely covered in fur, and their paw pads are thick with strong nails. Their tails usually stand erect and lowered down when at rest.

The Poochon breed’s coat is curly and supple, which he inherited from the Poodle. His coat sheds less, which makes him a hypoallergenic dog. He is a perfect match for dog lovers who have pet allergies.

Poochons have moderately long coats. The small designer breed’s fur tends to have a rough texture, but some are soft to the touch. His coat colours commonly come in apricot, black, blue, and white. Most Poochons have solid colours on their coats, whilst others have a mix of colours.

How to groom a Poochon?

This Poodle mix is a low-shedder, but his coat needs more maintenance. Daily brushing is required to make sure that it is free from dirt and mat. Bathing should be done every few weeks.

Make sure to use a mild dog shampoo to avoid damaging his skin and coat. If possible, invest in a quality dog conditioner that can keep his fur healthy and shiny.

Bring your Poochon puppy to the groomer for a trim every 4–6 weeks. Doing so will make it easier for you to groom him in-between visits to the groomer.

After your Poochon puppy eats his meal, be sure to wipe off smudges of food that might get stuck on his beard. If overlooked, it can harden on his fur, making it difficult to remove. The breed is prone to tear stains. Use a moist clean cloth to clean the hair surrounding your pup’s eyes.

Trim your Poochon dog’s nails every 3–4 weeks. Avoid overgrowing them as it can lead to painful splitting or cracking. Due to his droopy ears, dirt and bacteria can accumulate swiftly.

Check and clean the Poochon’s ears at least every week or every other week to prevent ear infections. Daily tooth brushing is necessary to minimise the risk of gum and dental diseases.

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Temperament and Intelligence

Are Poochons good dogs?

Poochons may be small designer dogs, but they have limitless love and fondness for their owners. Their cheerfulness and knack for funny antics will fill their forever homes with bright smiles and laughter.

However, the Poochon dog breed’s need to be close to his humans makes him susceptible to separation anxiety. It would be best to have someone keep him company whilst the rest are out.

Poochons are great playmates for children, preferably older ones who know how to handle small dogs. If you have young children around, make sure to teach them the importance of gently treating their furry friend. Roughhousing should be avoided to avoid scaring off or hurting the Poochon.

The Poochon breed can thrive in a multi-pet household too. He is very sociable by nature and can easily get along with other pets. Just ensure that the pets are well-socialised and properly introduced to prevent aggression.

Whether your Poochon dog is interacting with children or other pets, be sure to supervise him to prevent accidents from happening.

Do Poochon dogs bark a lot?

Yes, Poochon dogs are known barkers. They have an unshakeable loyalty for their owners. They will not hesitate to deter someone who poses as a threat with loud barks. That said, early socialisation and training are important for this small designer dog breed.

Allowing your Poochon puppy to immerse himself in various environments with different people and pets will help him hone his skills in identifying a foe from a friend. Since this small designer breed is known for being a barker, training your pup will inhibit this behaviour.

Are Poochons easy to train?

Poochons possess high intelligence, which makes them relatively easy to train. One drawback is that they can easily learn unwanted behaviours too. Therefore, training must be done during puppyhood to nip the problem in the bud.

In training the Poochon dog breed, be firm and consistent with your instructions, but also practise gentleness and patience. Heavy-handed or punishment methods should be avoided. It will only lead the dog to rebel against you.

Use positive reinforcement instead to urge him to do his best during training. Giving him praise is very effective as he thrives in pleasing his owner.

The Poochon dog breed is very skilled when it comes to various dog sports. This small energetic designer dog is known to excel in fly ball, agility, and obedience training. This is because he loves the attention he receives during training and the face-to-face contact he has with his owner during competitions.

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Nutrition and Feeding

The Poochon dog breed is small in size but high in energy. Providing him with high-quality dog food will replenish the energy he lost during playtime. Just note that he is prone to allergies. Thus, it is advised to choose a premium-grade, grain-free brand of food.

Choose an excellent-quality dog food that fits your Poochon’s life stage. In this way, he will obtain the sufficient amounts of nutrients that he needs at his age. Avoid buying low-quality commercial dog food. It may be cheaper, but it contains fewer nutrients and minerals.

Always keep a bowl of fresh, clean water available for your Poochon dog every day.

  • A 3–6-month-old Poochon puppy needs around 0.30–0.7 cup of dog food daily. Once he turns 7–11 months old, 0.2–1 cup should be given per day. Be sure to split his meals into 2–3 smaller portions.
  • A fully grown Poochon weighing 3 kilos must have about 0.3 cup a day. Feed a 5-kilo mature Poochon dog approximately 0.4–0.5 cup each day. An adult Poochon with a weight of 6 kilos requires 0.4–1 cup a day.
  • A 7-kilo fully grown Poochon should have at least 0.5–0.6 cup every day. A mature Poochon dog that weighs 8 kilos needs 0.6–0.7 cup per day. The food of adult Poochons should be divided into 2 small servings.

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Health and Exercise

The Poochon dog breed has an average lifespan of 12–15 years. Properly looking after him and consistently providing his essential needs will help prolong his life. Sadly, this small designer breed is still predisposed to a few health issues such as:

Addisons Disease

The Poochon can inherit Addison’s disease from his Poodle parents. This disease is also called hypoadrenocorticism, which is a result of low hormone production from the adrenal glands.

Poochons with this condition will exhibit symptoms like low appetite, vomiting, and sudden weight loss. Although its cause is unknown, Addison’s disease is treatable by administering an injectable medication.

Cushing’s Disease

Poochon dogs can suffer from Cushing’s disease, a health problem brought on by the overproduction of the cortisol hormone. Skin problems, pot-bellied appearance, and increased hunger and thirst are the most common signs of this condition.

Poochons suffering from mild cases of Cushing’s disease can be cured by medication, but dogs with tumours on their adrenal glands must undergo surgery.

Sebaceous Adenitis

The Poochon breed is predisposed to sebaceous adenitis, which he can inherit from his Poodle parent. This skin condition induces inflammation on your dog’s skin, resulting in poor haircoat.

Poochon dogs with this skin issue will have patchy hair, lesions, and hair loss. Definitive treatment is not yet found for this disease. Thus, the alternative option is lifelong treatment composed of antibiotics and topical medications

How much exercise does a Poochon need?

The Poochon dog breed is full of life and energy. Being kept inside the house for too long will lead him to develop unwanted behaviours like incessant barking. So he needs mental and physical stimulation every day to keep him from becoming high-strung.

Spare around 30 minutes to an hour to take your Poochon out for a walk or engage him in fun doggy activities. Taking him for a short walk in the morning and then a longer one in the afternoon will suffice.

If you have a garden, allow your Poochon dog to frolic and run around in it. Entice him to play games such as obstacle course, Frisbee, or hide-and-seek. Keep in mind to check the fence around your garden before initiating playtime to avoid incidents of your dog breaking out from the enclosure.

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Cost of Ownership

How much are Poochon puppies?

A Poochon puppy costs approximately £2,000–£2,500. It is advisable to purchase one from a trustworthy breeder to make sure that the puppy you’re getting is healthy and well-bred.

Reputable breeders can give you tips on taking care of your Poochon puppy. In addition, reliable breeders always make sure to produce healthy and well-socialised litter.

How much does raising a Poochon cost?

The annual food cost of a Poochon is around £240–£360. Expenses for providing your Poochon dog with the basic supplies that he needs will approximately cost £200–£400. Initial vaccinations, annual boosters, neutering or spaying, and yearly health checks will cost approximately £800 a year.

Having pet insurance for a healthy Poochon puppy will cost £22–£48 monthly.

Poochon Breed Highlights

  • The Poochon dog breed is a lapdog that loves nothing but to stay close to his loved ones.
  • Poochons are generally friendly with children, strangers, and other pets if they are properly socialised.
  • Training them will require firmness and consistency combined with patience, gentleness, and positive reinforcement.
  • The Poochon breed is a high-maintenance dog that requires frequent brushing and bathing.
  • He has high levels of energy but will be contented after having ample amounts of exercise.

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