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Utility Group

Exercise Level:
Barking Level:
Good with Children:
Good with other pets:
Height: 20 - 25cm M | 20 - 25cm F
Weight: 3 - 4kg M | 3 - 4kg F
Life Expectancy: 14 - 18 Years

Looking for a Toy Poodle?

The Toy Poodle is a mini version of the Standard Poodle. It retains its elegant and proud demeanour. Today, this dog is primarily bred for companionship, but originally, the Toy Poodle was bred for circus performances. Toy Poodles are highly energetic and very alert, which also make them excellent watchdogs. Regular grooming is important, with the coat brushed every other day. The Toy Poodle has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. Its standard colours are white, apricot, black, blue, cream, silver, or grey.

Are you considering a Toy Poodle for a new pet dog? Here is a brief background of this highly intelligent and eager-to-please dog.

book icon History

The Toy Poodle is the miniature version of the Standard Poodle. Poodles are the only breed that come in different sizes registered under separate groups (Toy and Non-Sporting). The history of the Poodle is debatable, but they were known to be originally from Germany. The name itself “Poodle” is derived from the German word pudel that means to splash, emphasising its water abilities. It was only in the 18th century England, when Toy Poodles were developed primarily as truffle hunters. Later in the mid to late 19th century, Toy Poodles became show dogs to complement the sensibilities of Victorian and Georgian women.

comb icon Appearance and Grooming

The Toy Poodle is a small dog with an athletic build. It appears elegant and stands proud at 10 inches tall or under, and weighs around 6 - 9 pounds. Toy Poodles that stand above 10 inches are disqualified from competing in shows under the Toy Category. Appearance-wise, it has a triangular head, and its muzzle is long. It also has wide-set ears that drop and hang close to the head. The Toy Poodle has a thick single-layered coat (no undercoat) that is curly and wiry, which can be worn in different styles of clips (hairstyles). Conventional clips serve to insulate this dog breed’s chest and joint.

Since the Toy Poodle is a popular participant in dog shows, dog owners need to maintain its regal look. It needs to be bathed every 1 to 2 weeks and taken to professional groomers for a proper clipping every 6-8 weeks. This toy dog is tricky to groom. Instead of furs, like most breeds have, the Toy Poodle has hair that grows longer that may become tangled when it falls off. The upside, however, is this makes them hypoallergenic dogs. They come in a wide set of colours including white, black, blue, cream, apricot, silver, or grey.

Much of the attention is spent to make sure the Toy Poodle’s hair is kept clean and in excellent condition. But it is also essential for dog owners to make sure the ears are checked regularly for wax build-up and infection. Nails must also be trimmed monthly.

bulb icon Temperament and Intelligence

The Toy Poodle is an ideal companion for children. However, it must be supervised during playtime with young kids to avoid accidentally hurting this small delicate dog breed. Loyal, intelligent, loving and goofy are words often used to describe a Toy Poodle. It has an eager-to- please attitude and is very fond of people in its family. Although it is a loving dog, warming up to other people may take time.

When taught proper canine manners while still young, this dog breed carries itself in a calm manner. But to maintain this calm disposition, it has to get regular exercise to burn off its energy. Toy Poodles are highly trainable and quick to learn because they are smart. They require both physical and mental stimulations. Like any other dog, they would love to play fetch or run around. Since a Toy Poodle is a small dog, it fares well in a small apartment.

food icon Nutrition and Feeding

A typical serving for a Toy Poodle is 1/4 to 1/2 cup of quality dry dog food daily. This is only an estimate on average, but each dog has different servings. For example, a highly active dog will require more servings to replace the energy burned compared to a couch-potato dog. It is also essential to understand the basic nutritional requirement of your dog. Most dog breeds, including the Toy Poodle, are sensitive to food additives found in commercial brands. These additives have chemicals that can cause allergies and digestive issues so it is crucial that you carefully read the label of manufactured brands.

So what do you feed your Toy Poodle? A mix of protein (e.g. organ meat and lean meat), healthy grains, fruits and vegetables are great for your dog. Treats are 20% of what dogs consume. Make sure you choose them well and must be reserved as rewards for housebreaking. Never leave food or treats all the time. Measure and limit their intake to what is recommended so they don’t become overweight.

stethoscope icon Health and Exercise

The Toy Poodle has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. For this small dog to live out its lifespan, keep a laser-focus attention to its health and exercises. In terms of health, dog owners must be aware of health issues. The Toy Poodle is a generally healthy dog, like most breeds, but is predisposed to several health problems such as Addison’s disease, Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, Thyroid Issues (both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid), Luxating Patellas, Hip Dysplasia and Legg-Perthes Disease, among many others.

The Toy Poodle needs regular exercise to maintain a healthy body and mind. However, do not confuse regular daily exercises with a rigorous exercise routine. For Toy Poodles, short 20-minute walks in a small enclosed yard with enough space is adequate. It is crucial that physical exercises are low impact, can easily be done and can be adjusted as needed.

pound icon Cost of Ownership

One super important element in deciding a specific dog breed is your financial capacity to raise it. For Toy Poodles, how much you will spend depends on its purpose. If you plan for this small dog participate in shows, be prepared to spend more on grooming. On the other hand, if a Toy Poodle is for companionship, the average cost over its lifetime is around £27,100 - £30,800. This amount is based on several things typical dog owners spend on dogs, such as vaccinations, visit to the vet clinic, dog accessories, food, toys, pet insurance, grooming services, flea treatments and more.

Is a Toy Poodle Right for You?

  • The Toy Poodle is intelligent, eager to please and obedient.
  • It is a real family dog, affectionate and great with kids.
  • Suitable for apartment living because of its small size.
  • It does not require a lot of outdoor exercises.
  • It is a popular breed for dog shows and competition.
  • The Toy Poodle requires regular grooming to maintain its elegant look.

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