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Height: 28 - 40cm M | 28 - 40cm F
Weight: 9 - 14kg M | 9 - 14kg F
Life Expectancy: 13 - 15 Years

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The Westiepoo is a lovable, mid-size poodle mix. He takes delight in receiving and giving back affection to his human companions. A family-oriented breed, the Westiepoo relishes in dedicating his energy to impress and make his owners crack a smile. This designer breed is not yet officially recognised by the Kennel Club.

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What is a Westiepoo dog?

The Westiepoo is also called by dog lovers as We Poo or Westiedoodle. Whilst the specific origins of this hybrid dog remain murky, some assume that he originated in the United States around the early ’70s. To create this charming designer breed, the breeders crossed the West Highland white terrier and the poodle. Let's get to know more about the We Poo by looking at his parents.

The West Highland white terrier, known as the Westie, sprung from Scotland. He came from the same family tree as the Scottish terrier, Cairn terrier, and Skye terrier. His main purpose was to eradicate vermins and hunt down small animals such as foxes and badgers.

Back in time, the Westie's coat comes in a variety of colours. However, there was an unfortunate accident that pushed breeding only white terriers. A well-known Scottish colonel shot his favourite dog, a Westie, by mistake, thinking it was a fox. After that, white was the sole colour acceptable for the breed.

The poodle is one of the most ancient, pure dog breeds. He is believed to have existed for thousands of years. The origins of this breed can be traced back to Germany, where he was primarily used as a hunting dog and water retriever.

There are three variations of the breed. First came the standard poodle and then followed by the miniature and toy poodles. Are you looking for a charming Westiepoo as a family pet? Check out our For Sale and Rehoming page to pick the perfect match.

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Appearance and Grooming


What does a Westiepoo look like?

The Westiepoo dog is a medium-sized breed. Similar to the West Highland white terrier and poodle, he has a straight and levelled backbone. The appearance of this designer dog depends on which parent gene is the strongest. Some may inherit the poodle’s square-shaped body, whilst others may possess the rectangular-shaped build of the Westie.

This mixed breed dog has a rounded face with a black nose and dark, wideset eyes. The Westiedoodle’s ears often flop flat against the head. It will be raised with the tips folding forward if something catches his attention. He has a straight snout and teeth that meet in a scissor bite. His legs are short and stocky. His tail is raised high and slightly curved.

The coat of the We Poo ranges from short to medium in length. Its coat type may vary. Some puppies may get the coarse and wiry coat of the Westie, whilst others inherit the soft, curly coat of the poodle. A few may even inherit a combination of the two. The Westiepoo’s coat colours often come in white with patches of blond, grey, and liver.


Do Westiepoos shed?

The Westiepoo is a low-shedding breed thanks to his parent breeds. The West Highland white terrier sheds minimally, whilst the poodle is considered a non-shedding breed.
Thus, you only need to brush him at least two to three times a week. This will get rid of dirt, debris, mat, and tangles. It also promotes the distribution of healthy oils to his skin and coat. Consider trimming the hair surrounding his eyes and ears as it easily gets dirty and tangled.

How to care for a Westiepoo?

Only wash your We Poo when he starts to get smelly or too dirty. Avoid frequently washing him as it can strip off the oils on his coat. This can lead to dryness of his fur and skin, which can result in skin irritation and problems.

Check and clean his ears every week. Watch out for irritation and redness as these are signs of ear infections. Clip his nails once a month to prevent overgrown nails. Tooth brushing should be done daily to protect his teeth from periodontal diseases.

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Temperament and Intelligence


Are Westiepoos good dogs?

The Westiepoo dog is deeply loved by dog enthusiasts for his gentleness and sweetness. This West Highland terrier poodle mix is also known to be very affectionate towards his owner. He is also a highly sociable dog that relishes in taking part in the fun activities with the family. Cuddling is another favourite past-time of Westiepoo, which makes him an adorable lapdog.

His vivacious nature is a great match for playful children and other pets. However, keep in mind that supervision is a must. Children, especially younger ones, can be too loud or rowdy, which can cause distress to your Westiepoo.

Since he is a small dog breed, his body is delicate and bones may easily break if he is roughly handled. That's why you need to teach children how to gently play with a Westiepoo.

When it comes to befriending other pets, the Westiepoo needs to be properly introduced and socialised early. If he grew up together with another pet, it would be easier for him to get used to a new furry friend. If not, do not worry as he will eventually get used to the other pet. Just make sure to diligently follow the right steps in introducing two furry companions. It may take a while for them to become best buddies, but by being consistent, your hard work will pay off.

The Westiepoo may be a friendly designer breed, but he is protective of his family. Do not be surprised if he is wary of strangers. Once he senses a threat, he won't hesitate to be on his guard and scare them off by barking.

The Westiepoo's loyal and protective traits make him a good watchdog. For him to sufficiently fulfil this role, he should be socialised properly during puppyhood. Doing so will help him grow into a confident and assertive dog.


Are Westiepoos easy to train?

The poodle and the West Highland white terrier are very smart dogs, and the Westiepoo takes after his parents. He is an eager student and quickly picks up new commands. At times, he can be slightly stubborn, especially when he senses that there nothing in it for him.

Avoid implementing harsh methods and punishments. These will only lead your pet to lose his trust in you. You can motivate him to enjoy training sessions by incorporating positive reinforcement. Praise him, give him a treat, or play with him as a reward. Firmness, patience, and consistency should also be observed during training.

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Nutrition and Feeding


What to feed a Westiepoo

A Westiepoo needs high-quality dog food that suits his age, breed, energy levels, and size. It is specifically designed for your dog, so he will have a balanced amount of nutrients and minerals. If you are on the fence on what to choose, ask help from a vet for a list of premium-quality dog food.

Do not opt for commercial dog food. Whilst it is cheap, it has low nutritional content and may contain harmful additives and preservatives. Freshwater should always be available, especially during hot seasons. This is to lower the risk of heatstroke and dehydration.


How much should a Westiepoo eat?

One-and-a-half- to three-month-old Westiepoo puppy needs about 1/2–1 cup of dog food per day. Once he turns four to five months of age, he should feed approximately 2/3–1 1/3 cups of dog food daily. Six- to eight-month-old We Poo puppy requires ½–1 ½ cups of dog food a day. Split his meals into three smaller portions for easier digestion.

Nine-month- to one-year-old puppy must have the same amount of dog food for an adult. A full-grown Westiepoo needs at least 1.5–2.5 cups of dog food every day. His servings should be divided into smaller meals. This is to prevent overeating or gorging on food, which can lead to excessive weight gain.

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Health and Exercise


The lifespan of a Westiepoo

The average life expectancy of the Westiepoo dog is between thirteen and fifteen years. That is, if he is well taken care of. The best ways to help prolong his life is by simply giving him ample amounts of exercise, grooming him regularly, having a calm and stress-free home, and serving healthy and balanced meals.

Health Issues in a Westiepoo

Being a hybrid dog, the Westiepoo is healthier and hardier than his parent breeds. However, he is still at risk of developing several health problems. Below is a list of the most prevalent health issues found in the Westiepoo dog breed:

  • Cataracts
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation (slipped kneecaps)
  • Diabetes
  • Inflamed jawbones
  • Seizures
  • Enlarged heart

Protect your Westiepoo from these diseases by getting him health-tested. Regular visits to the vet are highly important as well to keep track of your dog's health. The vet may even provide helpful tips on how to maintain and boost his health and immunity.


How much exercise does a Westiepoo need?

The Westiepoo needs approximately thirty to forty-five minutes of exercise. Although he is an active dog, he only requires minimal exercise and playtime. Walking and engaging him in fun dog games such as Frisbee and obstacle course are great ways to deplete his excess energy.

If you own a spacious backyard, give him the freedom to explore around off-lead. Be sure to check that the fence is not damaged before doing so. This is to prevent your Westiepoo from accidentally escaping.

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Cost of Ownership

How much are Westiepoo puppies?

The price for a healthy Westiepoo puppy is between £1,000 to over £2,000. The total cost for his food every year is approximately £324–£432. Around £200–£400 are the expenses for purchasing his basic supplies such as toys and crate.

Set aside £60 for each vet check-up and £100 for initial vaccine shots. Fees for booster shots are around £50. Getting your Westiepoo puppy insured will require you to spend about £20–£30 every month. Find the right Westiepoo puppy for you here.

Westiepoo Breed Highlights

  • The Westiepoo is a lapdog that enjoys spending most of his time with his family.
  • He is a minimal shedder that does not require extra effort in grooming.
  • He is an extroverted dog that gets along with people and animals, as long as he is well-socialised.
  • He is a smart dog that responds well to positive reinforcement combined with firm and consistent training.
  • He is an active dog with low exercise needs.

Westiepoo Breed Fun Facts

  • The Westiepoo is a barker. Fortunately, this trait can be curbed through consistent training.
  • There are different generations of Westiepoos that breeders can develop. An F1 We Poo came from a purebred West Highland terrier and a purebred poodle. An F2 Westidoodle is an offspring of two F1 Westiepoos. F1B and F2B

Westiepoos are called ‘back-crossing.’ This means the designer dog is bred with a purebred West Highland terrier and a purebred poodle to enhance particular traits.


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