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London | Dogs For Adoption by Campbell Addy

Hello everyone it comes with great sadness and reluctancy to write this post. Due to personal change in circumstances I will no longer be able to keep my babies in our forever home. My first, Wolfgang male (D.O.B 12/12/2015) has been with me since he was three months old. A character like all Basenjis, he has filled our hearts. He can be reactive, however he adores his little sister Halo. Alongside reactivity, he sometimes has seizures. Since the application of medication he has been as good as new My second, Halo female (D.O.B 29/05/2019) whom I rehomed during the pandemic is the sweetest cutest little basenji, often confused for a young puppy. Her temperament is that of an angel, loves cuddles, watching TV and zoomies. No health issues to highlight for halo but she hasn’t been neutered. Both their vaccines are up to date. Micro chipped. I would love to keep them together as they love each other dearly and havent been separated since. If anyone has any leads on someone who’d be interested feel free to contact me. I am based in, South East London. Thanks, Campbell