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German Shepherd

Tenby | Dogs For Adoption by marloe scarchant

This beautiful and unique German Shepherd is Marloe. Marloe is 22 months old and finds himself looking for a new home due to no fault of his own. We would easily love Marloe to live his life out with us, but we know in our heart that would be purely for our own selfish reasons and Marloe deserves a lot more than we can offer him now. This is an unfortunate situation that we could not have foreseen. Rehoming Marloe has nothing to do with him and is purely down to health conditions and wife’s work commitments. The photos do not do this handsome boy the justice he deserves, and we are sure you can appreciate it is very difficult to capture his unique personality through a lens. Marloe is a very handsome young man and continues to get complemented on how handsome he is BUT more than that he has such a beautiful soul and so much love to give. Might come across as bias but honestly, he is genuinely the most kind, loyal, intelligent, and gentle soul we have ever met (Humans included). This will immediately be evident if you should want to meet him. Marloe would be the ideal family pet if what you are looking for is a quiet and well-mannered young man. Marloe as you can see is a large breed and a little clumsy so we would say he is best suited to adults and older children. Marloe has been brought up in an only dog home and with two older children. We believe Marloe would need a quiet/calm environment and to be the only dog in order that full attention is given to him. We have continually worked very hard with Marloe and he is trained to a high standard and we would like this to be ongoing. Marloe is eager to learn and has the love for training. Marloe knows various commands to both verbal and nonverbal cues which can be demonstrated. Although Marloe has been trained to be left home alone for short periods of time he would benefit from having someone home during the day. Marloe is also brilliant on car journeys. Marloe has been neutered due to us wanting him to be family pet and not a money-making scheme! May sound a little condescending if you have had the experience, we would like for you to have with German Shepherds, but we would like to be clear that Marloe will need the following: • New owners to shower him in sooo much love. • Marloe needs a firm but patient hand. Marloe will not respond to shouting. • A lot of exercise. • Mental stimulation. • New owners to have the time that they can dedicate to him. • A large, safe, and secure garden. Marloe would not be suitable for small accommodation. • Financial stability to fund everything he needs. • Only dog household. • Older children household. • Experience of having a German Shepard as Marloe is not suitable as a first-time pet. • A quiet and calming environment. • Marloe is an active pet that would benefit from an outdoorsy family. • Someone home during the day. • Remember that adopting Marloe is a long-term relationship. Please only contact us if you can genuinely offer and guarantee all the above for our boy Marloe. We are open to sensible and genuine offers but would like to stress that we will not let him go to someone that cannot offer him a better life.