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Hull | 24th Oct 2022 | Dogs For Adoption by Craig Abbott

Male Rottweiler looking for a new home. This is Kano, he is approx 4 years of age. Kano requires a home with experienced owners and NO CHILDREN. Is ideal due to recent behaviour however we have 5 and this is the first time he has shown behaviour towards one of them. We have owned Kano for around 8 months and he has occasionally nipped, but today turned on my daughter for no apparent reason (happy to discuss in detail with prospective new owner). Kano’s temperament is 99.9% of the time extremely gentle, he loves cuddles, affection, playing with toys and is generally very placid. He gets very vocal around other dogs so is not generally let off lead unless we are walking alone. I understand that people may have opinions about this - however, I would not like to see Kano destroyed - much rather a home with someone who knows what they are doing. Kano comes with everything he needs, including bed, food, bowls, toys, brush, shampoos etc (also ear drops, he is shaking head lots at moment) as well as one months frontline flea treatment, which is kept up to date. Kano has not been castrated. I am happy for people to view him, though am looking to rehome him asap as my daughter is now scared of him (she adored him/and he her - she took him on walks regularly) and I also have 2 other children. Any questions please feel free to ask, any unwanted and unhelpful opinions - please keep to yourself. Priced to avoid eager impulse buyer or someone inexperienced and is absolutely negotiable for the right home. Thanks for taking time to read