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Central Asian Shepherd For Sale in Great Britain

Rhyl | Dogs For Sale by Suzanne Ms

Marley is a Central Asian Ovcharka. He hasn’t been neutered. He was born on 4/1/20 Marley is a big lad and sometimes forgets just how big he is when he jumps around. He is a very lazy boy and mostly sleeps but he loves going for walks and he loves food even more. If any rattling goes on, guaranteed he’ll be the first one there. He is not fussy with food. He loves everything! He is very protective and if he hears a noise he will bark until he’s happy everything is ok. No chance of any intruders! Marley is a very loving boy who will let you know if he wants your attention by giving you his paw or nudging you with his nose. Our reason for having to give up Marley is because We’re having a baby and If somebody comes near the house he aggressively barks. Also Marley is very strong so I can not walk him anymore and my partner works. It isn’t fair for him to have to suffer because of this. Also I think looking after a newborn baby and him will be too much for me. I would love for Marley to have a loving forever home. I’m devastated to have to give him up but I know it’s the right thing as he is only young and won’t get the attention he wants, deserves or needs. Ourselves or poor Marley cannot afford to have time wasters, also please make sure you know where Marley is before you reply. Thank you