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Bernese Mountain Dog For Stud in the UK

Bootle | Dogs For Stud by Jessica

Barnaby is a three year pedigree Bernese mountain dog. He is a head turner and you often hear “WOW” when he’s about. He is 50KG of muscle and fluff! His face is symmetrical with excellent markings traditional to the Bernese Mountain Dog. Barnaby comes from an excellent champion blood line that has produced some of the most magnificent Bernese on both parents sides. Barnaby is a gentle giant. He loves to play around with other dogs and humans. But he also loves a lazy day too. He the perfect pet but also an excellent watch dog. He really has the ideal balance. In addition to his striking physical appearance, people always comment on Barnaby’s nature. He really is a good boy! Always willing to please and just no trouble at all. Barnaby has not yet proven but a recent fertility test is extremely promising and I have no doubt he’ll produce happy and healthy puppies. Please do not hesitate to contact me to ask any questions regarding Barnaby or myself. I’m happy to provide more information, photographs and videos.