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German Shorthaired Pointer For Stud

Bristol | Dogs For Stud by Nicola

Tywivale Tyrion AKA Winston is our Handsome Liver and White Ticked boy who is available to stud. He is 5 years old, docked, and has working lines, however, has been brought up as a family pet so has the agility of hunting along with a family pet temperament. Even though we do not work him, he is fantastic at flushing Pheasant and has a stunning muscular physique with great re-call and fantastic temperament around livestock and other dogs. Winston is popular with members of the public and we receive a lot of comments about how beautiful he is. He enjoys hiking, going on long runs, and even enjoys going mountain biking. Although active, he also enjoys having a snooze and cuddle too. We are proud to be able to stud him so please get in touch if you want to partner with Winston.