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Prenton | Dogs Wanted by Joanna

Looking for a possible stud for my silver fawn female Presa Canario. Not ready yet just seeing what’s available. She started her 2nd cycle early August, so won’t be needing a stud til Feb/March time.. She’s a family dog, 19months old (2 in March)and lives with another Female Presa Canario. Brilliant guard dog, with a brilliant temperament and shows great affection and loyalty to those she trusts. She has a playful and loving personality.. she’s smart, was so easy and quick to train but, as with expected with the breed can be very stubborn..also she’s good around other dogs. Not so much strangers.. She is of Spalato Bull/Rey Gladiador bloodline. The last picture I’ve uploaded is of her parents.. So you can see what you would be working with.. Got a new puppy in June and she showed great maternal instincts towards her. Looking for a strong, possibly black Full breed Presa Canario to breed with her, around early next year.. Please contact me if you have any interest, obviously I am willing to pay.. So message me if this sounds like something you’d be interested in :) If you would prefer to phone, please phone in the evening after 5 as I work and won’t be able to answer. Thank you. Joanne

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10 - 547