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Barry | Dogs Wanted by Chris Bull

Hi! My fiancé and I are looking to buy a puppy around September/October of this year. We're getting married in August so any earlier wouldn't be the right time. Ideally, we want a Vizsla crossed with a GSP, though a purebred Vizsla is also desirable, as would a vizsla crossed with a Ridgeback or Weimaraner. We have 3 children, so most evenings and weekends we get out and about, going on country walks, visiting parks. We also want a dog who will be as affectionate as we are (hence the preference for a Vizsla). If any breeders have plans to have litters around this time, please get in contact! We live in Barry, vale of Glamorgan, but are willing to travel for the right pup.

100 - 2,010

100 - 2,010