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Key Facts

Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Pomeranian
Pet Group: Toy Group
Advertiser Type: Private Seller
Pet's Age: 7 years 7 months 7 days
Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes
KC Registered: No
Published on: 04 February 2021
Modified on: 04 February 2021
Location: Hartlepool

Advert Details

Willing to take Pup(pick of litter) from eight female
Beautiful imported Merle Pomeranian for stud. Comes from great lineage from the Netherlands and has a nice thick double coat and 2 clear blue eyes. Currently been bred to my own females but now available at Stud.

Pups cannot be KC registered by UK kennel club as Merle is not permissible so should not be reclassified. Colour is desirable but not yet recognised within the uk.
Price is £200
For 2 ties
Also have his son for stud Parti white and orange with blue eyes he’s at £150.00

If you require any further information please do text or email. We can now offer AI but this is an additional cost.

Merle gene -
Merle acts on the black pigment in the iris of the eye just as it does on the coat, so merle dogs often have part or all of the eye blue. (This does not affect their vision, though since it happens to some extent in the retina as well it may make it harder to diagnose certain eye problems.) The Sheltie breed standard allows blue or merle eyes in blue merles, but not in sables. Thus a sable merle with blue or merle eyes such as the pomeranian, will not do well in the show ring.

Note: A single dose of the merle gene: There are always two copies of a gene, alike or different, in any dog. If we call the merle gene M and the non-merle gene m, any given dog can be mm, Mm or MM. The mm dog is the normal, full-colored tri, bi-black or sable in Shelties or Poms or liver red in Australian Shepherds. The Mm Sheltie is a blue merle or sable merle, depending on what color it would have been without the merling gene. An MM dog, often called a double merle or a homozygous merle, can be mostly white and may be def or blind and have other physical problems. Some MM puppies are born completely without eyes.

On average over a large number of litters, breeding merle to merle will produce one fourth full colored dogs, one half merles and one fourth defective whites. Breeding merle to full color will produce one half full color and one half merles but no defective whites. The merle to full color breeding, then produces just as many merles as does the merle to merle breeding, and without the danger of defective puppies. The safe breeding for a merle, then is to a non-merle mate. This breeding should produce all healthy puppies, and about half will be merles.
Please ensure your dog is not a Merle or parents were a Merle for this reason.
pups can be dwkc registered if you want papers.

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