The Darkest Fox Red Labrador Stud

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Key Facts

Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Group: Gundog Group
Advertiser Type: Private Seller
Pet's Age: 5 years 10 months 22 days
Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes
KC Registered: Yes
Has the pet been health checked: Yes
Health check(s) have been done: 237 DNA "clear/normal" health tests. Hips 5/4, elbows 0/0 and current eye tests
Published on: 15 January 2023
Modified on: 09 March 2023
Location: Louth

Advert Details

BLADE - (Rosso Fyn of Pigeonman)


• Darkest of all Fox Reds
• Prolific Fox Red Producer
• Monthly Sperm Checks
• Regular Vet Checks
• Healthy and Robust
• Hips = 5/4
• Elbows = 0/0
• Clear of "237" DNA's
• Clear Eye's - 20/01/21
• Proven - Efficient - Stud
• Kennel Club Registered
• Big Litter Averages
• Young - Fit - Fertile
• Perfect Temperament
• Easy to train
• Located in Lincolnshire

Fresh/Chilled semen is available for overnight delivery within the UK.

Fresh/Chilled semen exported to the USA, Canada & Europe within 48hrs by express courier delivery.

Frozen Semen available for worldwide shipping. High quality extractions, scoring an excellent 65% forward motility at "Post Thaw" examination on 15/11/21.


We tested Blade's DNA for ☆237☆ "POTENTIALLY DISASTROUS" canine health disorders. Blade tested CLEAR/NORMAL for every single one of them.



Blade is also Hip, Elbow and Eye Scored with excellent results:
Hips = 5/4
Elbows = 0/0
Multiple Clear Eye Certs.

Why must we choose "FULLY" health tested stud dogs for our future breeding programmes?

"RIGOROUS HEALTH TESTING" and "THOROUGH  DNA SCREENING" of the stud dog is the only way to ensure that you are completely protecting your pups from inheriting "POTENTIALLY DISASTROUS" health problems.

The above statement being an absolute priority if your bitch has none, or very little health testing herself.  Then it is imperative that you use a fully health tested stud to be absolutely certain that you are protecting your pups from inherited health problems.

"RESPONSIBLE" stud dog owners make health testing their "HIGHEST PRIORITY"  Beware of using stud dogs with minimal or unknown health tested status.  SERIOUSLY, YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE.

Blade is DNA Health Tested to the highest levels available in the world.  No other Labrador Stud in the U.K. has been this extensively health tested.  This comprehensive examination of his DNA and rigorous health screening covers all health problems and issues found in the following bodily functions:

Blood and Heart
Drug Response
Immune system
Nervous system

Blade is also up to date with worming / flea treatments and yearly booster vaccinations.


"Mating success is a direct reflection of how the stud dog is managed."

A good "Stud Dog" requires expert management and skill to perform consistently, every time.

Mating's are conducted in a scrupulously clean, safe and secure environment.

Blade has proven himself many times as a highly efficent and very productive stud dog.

Blade's average litter size is "9 pups" for each bitch mated from Progesterone tested bitches...

Blade is super fit, healthy and highly fertile.

A gentle, yet very efficient stud, he's the perfect choice for maiden girls or bitches that have proven difficult, or near impossible, to mate in the past... 

Why select Blade as your choice of stud dog?

1.  The mating's will be carefully controlled.

2.  We are highly experienced in handling, even the most difficult of bitches.

3.  Stress free, hands on, careful and controlled matings.

4.  I will assist and advise, even before the bitch comes into season.

5.  Support and advice for first time breeders.  I will always be willing to provide help and advice on whelping and puppy care.

6.  I am a passionate Labrador breeder with 35yrs experience.  A true professional and an expert in using and training stud dogs.

7.  Blades pups are highly sought after and easily sold.

8.  Should your girl completely refuse to stand and provided she has been Progesterone tested, then Artificial Insemination is an option we can use...

I supply an extensive stud package for you to take home which includes:
• 5 Generation Pedigree
• Health Test Pedigree
• KC registration form
• Copies of all DNA Genetic Health


Temperament is a direct reflection of both "Inherited" and "Environmental" factors.  Blade was bred from generations of dogs with the most level headed and calm  temperaments.

Blade is a very fit and athletic dog.  He weighs 30kgs.  He is trained to Field Trial Standard and does not have any eliminating faults.

Blade's pups make excellent working retrievers in the field as well as fantastic family members.


In addition to Blades impressive level of health testing, he also undertakes regular "Advanced Semen Assessments" 

The most recent full semen analysis, carried out on the 11/12/22, found all parameters of the test to be in excellent condition.

Blade has been bred from long lines of healthy hip scores, zero elbow scores and clear eye certificates.  Generation's of dogs with great hips, clear eyes, perfect elbows, wonderful temperaments and great health.

Safety Notice: NEVER send a payment or deposit online before viewing the Pet to confirm the advert is genuine. Read our Covid-19 safe buying guide.

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Important Reminders

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We encourage you to read these guidelines before buying or adopting a dog.

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Avoid online payment

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If you have reasons to believe that an Advertiser is not genuine, please report them to us immediately.

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