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We still have some menil, white and common fallow deer available this year. We require a deposit to secure your order with full payment upon delivery. If you are interested in purchasing our fallow deer please get in contact. Transport, we will deliver your deer free of charge to anywhere in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset or Somerset . Please contact us for a quote if further afield. Maximum grazing ratio is 8 fallow deer per acre. They can breed in their first season at 16 months old, which is annually in October, called ‘the rut’. They give birth in mid June. Food: fallow deer eat mainly grass, however they also eat: nettles, brambles, doc, thistles, they will trim the hedge that comes through the fence. In the winter you can feed them with hay, or haylage / silage and supplement with a pellet food. Fallow Deer don’t require shearing, they will shed their coat and regrow a new one for summer and winter, whilst they do this they look a bit patchy, but require no assistance. Bucks will drop there antlers in April /May and they will fully regrow by August and be fully hardened by September ready for the rut in October. Hand taming your deer, at 6 months old it is the best time to start to tame your deer. By feeding them daily with a pellet food, they love this food and will approach you whenever they see you. Fencing requirements. There is a government rule book on deer fencing, with fallow deer it is a minimum of 1.8m high, we use tornado deer wire, however other options are available, if you have existing stock fencing, you can ‘top up’ by leaving the existing fencing in place and adding additional taller post and installing another row of stock fence above to achieve the recommended height. Government grants are available to cover the cost of the fence installation, Google search for ‘countryside stewardship scheme’. All the information above is through our experience and should not be taken as facts. Please also do your own research.