Last revised on July 19, 2018. is a trusted UK-based pet classifieds advertising website with a growing number of sign-ups. At, we respect your right to privacy and we endeavour to protect your data.

This Privacy Policy states how and its subdomains collect, use, process and disclose such personal information that you provide when you use our services.

In certain instances when we request you to provide personal information whilst using our services, we assure you that it will be handled in accordance with the Data Privacy Policy. may make amendments on any portion of this Data Privacy Policy occasionally. By continuing to use our website along with other services, you are agreeing to these amendments in the Data Privacy Policy.

If you have further questions with regard to this policy or our services, you may reach us by using our contact us page.


Information Collection actively collects information when you browse and use our website along with the services as described below.

We obtain the information from you when using our services that includes filling out any form on our website or corresponding with us via email. Such pieces of information are necessary for the purpose of delivering our services to you as well as to prevent any acts of abuse and to implement our terms and conditions.

We collect the following personal information:

  • Upon registration, we collect information that you provide us, such as your name, telephone number, postcode, email, and a confirmation on whether you want to receive newsletters.
  • Upon creating or updating pet listings, you provide information that includes your name, telephone number, postcode, email, and a confirmation on whether or not you want to receive newsletters.
  • Upon reaching our support team through our "contact us" page, you provide us with your name and email.
  • Upon reporting any pet listings to us, you provide us information that includes your name, telephone, and email.
  • At times, when we receive queries or complaints concerning your account, we may ask for additional information to help in dealing with any account issues depending on the concern. The entire information exchange would be dealt through email. This is a requirement for the purpose of verifying your account and advert details.

When you navigate our site, certain information is automatically collected:

  • Upon registration, we automatically collect your browser and device type and version including your IP address and geographical location.
  • Upon browsing and using our website, we automatically get information about your computer dealings and the way you use our website that may include your:
    • IP address
    • Geographical location
    • Browser device and type
    • Referral source
    • Length of visit
    • Pages viewed
    • Activity on each page.

Other Personal Information:

When you send us other people's personal information, please make sure that you have their permission and that they are aware that the personal information will be managed in agreement to this Privacy Policy.

Use of Personal Information

The collection of all personal data which you willingly provided on our website will be handled for the purpose described in the following:

  • To allow the use of our pet classifieds services
  • To provide contact information on our free pet classifieds service such as the information you provided within your pet listing on our site. The information such as your telephone, mobile number, and your email will be seen by registered accounts. You have control of what information can be disclosed or shared and you can close your pet listing anytime.
  • To send important service (non-marketing) emails or updates regarding your account or your advert
  • To allow us to address any queries or handle complaints made by you or complaints made against you in relation to the use of the website.
  • To validate the legitimacy of your adverts and account data
  • To fulfil our regulations and any legal responsibilities
  • To limit any damages that we may have
  • To administer our terms and conditions for security purposes when there is a need to investigate for any suspicious or fraudulent activities
  • To protect the company's rights, safety, privacy, and our affiliates, you, or others
  • To send you newsletters if you have opted to receive them. You may unsubscribe at any time through your account page or by contacting us.

All personal information that can be found is published according to the information that you input in our site. Without your consent, your personal information will not be shared with third parties.

The following are the legal basis in handling your personal data:

  • By registration, you have provided us your personal information including your advert details. The necessary details will be published to provide free classifieds on our site.
  • It is of legitimate interest as preventive action from any abuse such as fraud acts may be in a form of having multiple accounts and the like.
  • We may use such information to ensure our services are duly used as prevention of abuse usage such as fraud acts and the like.
  • By allowing us to reach you using the information that you have provided. For instance, opting in to receive newsletters from us.
  • In compliance with our legal obligations, we may share your information as a regulatory obligation to aid investigations conducted by local authorities including the police, HMRC, welfare organisations, trading standards, and local councils. As well as for the establishment, such information should be used as an exercise or defence from any legal claims.

Personal information will be kept for as long as necessary for the purpose discussed in this Privacy Policy. At times, even closed accounts are also kept to comply with legal obligations as stated in this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We disclose your information to:

  • Our employees who are part of the business in providing service to you or to any affiliate under the company. This includes our partners and subsidiaries.
  • Our advertisers. When you correspond with an advertiser within our website, any personal details composed with the message will be directly passed on to the advertisers' email address.
  •, our website. Upon registration and when you place an advert, certain details will be published on the internet. Your telephone, mobile numbers and email if you have entered them would be accessible to any registered account. Once you close your advert, the contact details will be automatically removed.

Further, there may be special cases where we may disclose your personal information:

  • When we are obligated to do so in accordance with the law in any legal proceedings.
  • In compliance with legal requests for information that might be helpful in their investigations from local authorities including the police, HMRC, welfare organisations, trading standards and local councils.
  • When a court or someone in authority would likely order a disclosure of that personal information.
  • When problems arise calling for legal actions. We may disclose information within our legal rights.
  • To the (interested) buyer of any business that we are currently selling.

We will not disclose such information to third parties without your consent.


We use standard security measures on our site to safeguard your information. We would strictly undertake all rational steps in protecting your personal information. However, any information you disclose online is beyond our security measures. You are aware of the security risks when providing information on the internet. When cases such as infringement of security emerge, we will not take responsibility unless it is due to our negligence.

Ways to ensure the protection of your account include logging out after each session, not giving other people access to your account, and keeping your password confidential.

If you have suspicions that your account is in any way compromised, please contact us immediately.

International Data Transfers

As prescribed by the Data Protection Act 1998, follows the regionalised data having all European users' data stored within the EEA. However, there are cases where European users' data may be transferred outside the EEA (including the United States) by our sub-processors.

We cannot in all circumstances notify the users of such transfers, but our sub-processors have guaranteed that: a) the areas meet the high standards of EU data protection regulation; b) the users' data may be in any location throughout the world and is still protected to a standard required by the EU data protection authorities; and c) they follow the relevant Safe Harbour frameworks concerning the data's correction, use, transfer and retention from the EEA.

Collected information has the tendency to be processed in and transferred between any countries to use the information as stated in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not provide any of your personal details on our website.

Further, once you submit any information on a site, it will be available on the internet and all over the world. We have no control of such information by others.


To register at, one must be at least 18 years of age. However, we do not collect anyone's personal information regarding age. As soon as it comes to our knowledge from complaints or other users that the person is under 18 especially without parental consent, we will remove that data.

Users' Rights

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides certain rights for you with the exception of lawful data protection. The details below are the summarised discussion of the user's rights. If you require a thorough explanation, please refer to relevant laws and regulations from the rightful authorities.

  • Personal Data Amendments You have the access to provide certain information on our online sheet when you log in to your account. At any time, you can view, update, and make changes on information that might be outdated or incorrect.
  • Account Modifications You have the right to withdraw your account which includes opting out in receiving newsletters, removing personal data, and closing your account. If there are problems in doing so, you can ask assistance in our contact us page. However, with the exemption of legitimate reasons, we may store information as stated in this Privacy Policy.
  • Information Treatment You have the right to uphold restriction and objection on the treatment of such information. We may only continue the treatment of your information with your permission. Objection applies to using your personal information for direct marketing and such. However, we may store information as stated in this Privacy Policy to use as a defence on legal claims or lawful obligations.
  • Access on data At any time, you have the right to ask for a duplicate of your personal data that we have on file.
  • Complaints You have the right to make complaints to a person in authority to handle data protection.
Cookie Usage

When you navigate through our website,, and/or third parties use cookie with certain components and uses.

A 'cookie' contains little information that helps the site retain your information such as your preferences.

'Session' cookies are temporary hold of information. When you close the browser or otherwise turn your computer off or any gadget that you are using, the session will then be expired.

'Persistent' cookies are more permanent hold of information. They are stored information that has its own expiry date. Lest removed by the user before it expires, persistent cookies may be invalid.

These cookies complement significance for to function at its best.

  • They store information when you register an account to help you stay logged in to your account on your device.
  • They also store information on your frequent visits and which pages you are visiting on our site.
  • They enable us to provide related browsed information from our site.

They are necessary measures to improve our service to you.

'Third party' cookies are set on a different domain. These cookies may route your browser to our third-party advertisements and different social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. uses trusted third parties' advertisements to support our site from Google AdSense. Third party cookies may track information on the duration of your stay on the site and the pages you visit. With this type of cookie, Google is able to feed you with advertisements in accordance to your preferences.

Removing or Disabling Cookies

You have the option to disable or sort cookies or third-party cookies. Manage your cookies in your browser setting. However, by doing so, it may affect your account such as logging in. At present, there is no standard option to disable cookies without the risk of damaging the functional features of a site.

Further, you have the option to change Google's Ad Setting and learn more about third party advertising-related cookies and how to opt out of them.

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