Last revised on 16th of February 2020.


  • Website – also ‘the Site,’ means the online property that the UKPets team maintains.
  • You – means the site visitor, user, member, and others who access the Service on the Site, whether or not a registered user.
  • Account – means collectively the details, including personal and identifying information and credentials used by Users to access the services on the Site.
  • Content – means any text, graphics, images, audio, video, data, and any type of information that is stored in a computer and appears on or forms part of the Site.
  • System – means the storage system or systems used by the Site.


Thank you for visiting UKPets (‘We’/’Us’/’Our’). LIVESTAR - FZCO owns, operates, and maintains the website, referred to collectively as the ‘Site’ or ‘Website.’ Please read the Terms and Conditions of UKPets carefully before using any of our service because this Agreement applies to all visitors, users, and others who access the Service. Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out herein whether or not you are a registered user of our Service. If you do not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not use any of our services that are provided on this website and exit this website IMMEDIATELY.

Please note that we reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without notice, and as such, you (the ‘Visitor’/’User’/’Member’) will have to visit this page for any updates and modifications. We will post the amended Agreement on this page and indicate at the top of the page the date when the Agreement was revised.

We have set standard rules with regard to the use of this website. If there is anything you need to be clarified, feel free to contact us.

Account Creation

By creating an account and using our service, you fully accept and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions. We have the right to cancel your account at any time, without notice, if we deem that you have violated any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

We may update our Terms and Conditions from time to time, so you are advised to ensure that you visit this page occasionally. This is because your continued use of our site assumes that you have read the amended agreement every time you make use of the services that we provide to our site’s users.

Standard Rules

By joining our website, you warrant that you will comply with the following terms:

A. Membership

  • In order for you to experience the UKPets website to its full extent, you are required to create an account wherein you provide complete and accurate information that you update as and when necessary.
  • You will keep your account details (including, but not limited to, your password and your login details) confidential and ensure that you will log off to prevent unauthorised use by others.
  • You are 18 years of age or above.
  • You are only allowed to create one account on this site.
  • You will not use any username that is offensive, suggests a relationship with a trade or brand name, or implies that you are a private breeder and that you will change your username when you are asked to within a given time limit.
  • You must authenticate your email address and your personal details with us, and if you change them at any time, then you must authenticate these details again; otherwise, we could close your account without notice.
  • You will not do anything that may serve to damage the operation of the site or cause it to stop working for any length of time.
  • You will not use any other form of software on our website, including, but not limited to, bots.
  • You will not serve to violate the recognition and application of our intellectual property in any way and at any time contrary to the governing law.
  • You will not do anything that will allow you to gain access to secure/restricted parts of our site or to modify, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble, or reverse-engineer any part of this site without permission.
  • Your account may be closed without prior notice if you violate any of our Terms and Conditions, but you do not have any right to cancel this Agreement at any time in keeping with the governing law.

B. Account Types

You should select the appropriate type of account that is applicable to you when you sign up:

  • Standard Account – Standard account users are allowed to post for adoption, for stud, and wanted ads. All ads must be completely true. Therefore, any ads that are listed as ‘For adoption’ but found to involve selling will be removed and the user's account might be blocked.
  • Hobby Breeder Account - Non-licenced hobby breeders may only post advertisement for non-business purpose. If any of the advertisements is of a dog or a puppy, you are limited to post for a maximum of two pets within the period of 12 months.
    For those breeding one or two litters in a twelve-month period and selling puppies, a licence may be required if you are deemed to be ‘breeding dogs and advertising a business of selling dogs.’
    You may upgrade to a Licenced Breeder account if you wish to activate more pet adverts at the same time. If the status of your account changes, we will need to verify it again before we can activate it based on the account's requirements that you selected.
  • Licenced Breeder Account - For those breeding dogs as a business or selling more than two dogs or puppies within a twelve-month period, you are required to have a breeder licence issued by your local authority.
    You must provide complete, accurate and up-to-date licence information in your account details for us to review. Once validated, licenced breeders may post unlimited pet adverts on all sections.
  • Rescuer Account – The Rescuer account is for UK-registered animal charity organisations only. You must provide complete and accurate organisation information. Verified Rescue account members may post unlimited pet adverts on the ‘For Adoption’ section only.

C. Advert Content

  • All pet adverts are subject to verification. UKPets has the right to take down any ad from any account without notice or warning if we deem it unfit or inappropriate for any reason.
  • You are required to state whether you are a breeder, private individual, or member of a rescue centre.
  • You are not allowed to sell any pets if you are not the owner of the pet.
  • You are required to submit the exact photo of the animal being advertised. If you are advertising a litter, it is mandatory for you to include the photos of each pet, either as a group or individually.
  • Any animal you advertise should be located in the UK, and the address stated in your advert must be an accurate and permanent location of the animal.
  • Any animal imported from outside the UK is not allowed to be advertised on the site.
  • When you create an advert, you must categorise the animal correctly and avoid misleading descriptions.
  • You must disclose the animal’s true breed, and if it is a cross-breed, you will clearly state it in the description.
  • All health and welfare issues of the animal must be disclosed and clearly stated.
  • You are required to show any prospective owner the mother of all the puppies and/or kittens that you advertise and, where possible, the father.
  • Only dogs that are family pets should be advertised. Working dogs or hunting dogs of any nature are not allowed to be advertised on the site.
  • You should only advertise animals that are fully weaned, and for dogs and cats, they must be 8 weeks old or older.
  • All puppies advertised must be microchipped.
  • You are not allowed to advertise animals of any kind as food.
  • You are not allowed to advertise dogs for fighting purposes.
  • You are not allowed to advertise birds with clipped wings and cats that have been declawed.
  • You are not allowed advertise ‘designer’ pet, and we will remove any adverts that use wording that implies that a designer pet is being advertised or where we suspect that a designer pet is being advertised.
  • You are not allowed to advertise any animal for the purpose of breeding.
  • You are not allowed to advertise any banned breeds of dogs in the UK. We do not accept dog adverts for the following breeds or cross-breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, or Japanese Tosa.
  • You are not allowed to advertise dogs with tacked eyes, docked tails, and cropped ears unless the animal is a rescuer and the advert type is ‘For Adoption,’
  • Animals that have been farmed are strictly not allowed to be advertised on the site.
  • If the animal for rehoming is registered, you are required to state the registration authority in your advertisement and provide all paperwork for verification.
  • We do not allow advertisements for selling or for adopting pregnant animals.
  • Swapping of animals is strictly prohibited.
  • Adverts for wild animals of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to remove any advertisement wherever and whenever we choose for whatever reason and without liability.
  • We do not allow any adverts to be listed that involve delivery of any form.
  • All breeders that advertise dogs for sale need a dog breeding licence, must be registered as a licenced breeder on the site, and provide a copy of the said licence. Failure to provide this licence where we suspect that you need it could lead to your adverts being declined and our reporting of this to your local authority for further investigation.
  • If your pet is registered with any governing body, you must state this in the advert and provide the paperwork to this effect, as and where it is required.
  • Endangered species may be advertised so long as you have a valid Article 10 certificate that covers the animals concerned.
  • No pets may be advertised as presents or gifts at any time.
  • Any suspected illicit or irresponsible activity may lead to your account’s cancellation without notice.

D. Contacting an Advertiser

  • UKPets is a platform for pet advertisements. You recognise and agree that UKPets have no facilities available for them to screen anything that advertisers put forward in their individual adverts. Therefore, it is impossible for us to check the accuracy of any statement that is made by any person advertising a pet or any related documentation. It is your sole responsibility to authenticate all information provided by any advertiser and to take all precautions before making any agreements in relation to obtaining or supplying a pet.
  • Any correspondence that you send to another member of the website through the website is meant to pass to them directly immediately after it has been submitted. However, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case every time that a message is sent. Therefore, you are advised that we bear no responsibility or liability where a message that you send to another member is not received for any reason.
  • No transactions should be made without seeing the pet and its mother in person, if it is a puppy or a kitten; although you are advertised that you do so at your own risk where you choose to visit the advertiser’s home. We discourage buyers from making online payments as we do not have any means of verifying the trustworthiness of any advertiser. If you do send money using an online service, we bear no responsibility or liability regarding the outcome of this transaction, especially if it leads to any loss of money to you.
  • To ensure that all pet advertisements on our platform are legitimate and ethically sold, we have implemented a validation system where all pet ads are reviewed and approved by our moderators before being posted. We do not allow direct selling of pets by contacting other members. As such, all sellers must post their pet ads on our platform designated for selling pets. This policy helps us to maintain a safe and trustworthy community for our members and their pets. We appreciate your cooperation in following this policy. By using our platform, you agree to adhere to these policies and understand that failure to do so may result in account suspension or termination.
  • Your transactions with advertisers and third-party vendors found on or through UKPets are solely between you and the third party. These may include, but are not limited to, joining promotions, the purchase of goods, as well as the terms, conditions, guarantees, or representations associated with such activities. We do not make any representations or warranties with respect to any goods or websites that may be obtained from such third parties.
  • You recognise that UKPets will have no liability for any loss or damage of any kind sustained as a result of any activities that you carry out in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, services, information, or other materials available, or through such third parties, on You acknowledge that such external sites usually have their own terms and conditions, including privacy policies, over which UKPets has no control and which will govern your rights and obligations with respect to the use of those websites.

E. Submitted Materials

  • UKPets does not wish to receive nor do we solicit any proprietary, confidential, or secret information or other material from you by email, the Website, or in any other way lest particularly requested to.
  • Submission or sending of any materials, demos, suggestions, ideas, creative works, systems, concepts, methods, techniques, plans, and other designs to us (including, for instance but not limited to, what you post or submit to our blogs, via email, etc. ) will be considered as not confidential. These materials may be used by UKPets for any purpose consistent with the Website's Privacy Policy.
  • By submitting or sending Submitted Materials to us, you:
    • Claim that the Submitted Materials are original to you. It means that no other party has any rights thereto, and that any ‘moral rights’ in Submitted Materials have been waived.
    • You are allowing UKPets and its affiliates a royalty-free, unrestricted, worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully transferable, and sublicencable licence and right to combine, modify, make derivative works from, perform, publish, adapt, translate, reproduce, distribute, use, duplicate, and display in other works any Submitted Materials (in whole or part) in any technology, form, or media later developed or now known. It includes commercial and/or promotional purposes.
  • We are not responsible for storing any Submitted Material that you provide to us. We have the right to destroy or remove any such Submitted Material at any time and without notice.

F. Conduct

  • You will not use our service to threaten, harass, impersonate, or bully anyone that is using the site in any circumstances at any time.
  • You will not upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.
  • You will not upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any content that is in violation of copyright or trademark law—or any other law protecting intellectual property in any jurisdiction—or that violates an individual’s publicity or privacy rights.
  • You will not upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, promotional materials, ‘junk mail,’ ‘spam,’ ‘chain letters,’ ‘pyramid schemes,’ ‘affiliate links,’ or any other form of solicitation.
  • You will not transmit any viruses or any code of a destructive nature.
  • You will not use any ‘deep link,’ ‘page scrape,’ ‘robot,’ ‘spider,’ or other automatic device, programme, algorithm, or methodology (or any similar or equivalent manual process) to access, acquire, copy, or monitor any portion of our service—or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of our service—to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents, or information through any means not purposely made available through the service.
  • You will not use our service for any illegal or unauthorised purpose. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, including the laws of your local jurisdiction, regarding online conduct and acceptable content (including, but not limited to, intellectual property laws).
  • You will not access without consent, interpose with, disrupt, or damage any network or equipment on which our Site is stored, any part of our Site, any software or equipment or network utilised or owned by any third party, and any software utilised in the provision of our Site.
  • You are not allowed any publishing or exploitation of the Website, promotional or commercial distribution, or any materials, content, data, or code in the Site lest stated otherwise on the Site or in these Terms and Conditions. You must indicate preceding written permission from our authorised personnel or the otherwise applicable rights holder.
  • You are prohibited from displaying, posting, downloading, reproducing, publishing, copying, transmitting, distributing, performing, modifying, transferring, broadcasting, and creating derivative works from, exploiting or otherwise selling any materials, code, data, or content available through or on the Website, other than as expressly allowed herein or on the Website.
  • You are not allowed to change, delete, remove, alter, and otherwise edit the meaning or appearance of , or repurpose any of the materials, code, data, or content available through or on the Website, including but not limited to the removal or alteration of any logos, trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, or any other proprietary rights notices or proprietary content.
  • UKPets exclusively and solely owns every title, rights, and interest in and to the Website—the entire content (including, for instance, graphics, audio, illustrations, photographs, other text, visuals, titles, copy, video, etc.) data, code, and other materials on the Website. Laws around the world protect these content and work to the fullest extent possible in the circumstances. You do not have the right to copy or use any of the information on our site, other than to use the site, without our authority.
  • The materials present on the UKPets website may be downloaded on ONE personal computer and/or a hard copy can be printed of these same materials for use personally or non-commercially where all copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices are retained pertaining to the ownership of UKPets. The use of this limited licence is based upon your complete agreement and adherence to these terms and conditions. Any other use of this website’s materials, including reproduction, variation, distribution, or republication beyond the remit of these terms and conditions, without the written permission of UKPets is prohibited strictly as a violation of our proprietary rights.
  • You are not allowed to modify or change the digital or paper copies of any materials that you have downloaded or printed off from our Site in any way such as selling or distributing them for commercial gain. You are also prohibited from using any of our photographs, illustrations, audio or video sequences, or any graphics separately from any accompanying text. It must not be modified or incorporated in any other work, publication, or website.
  • UKPets status, together with any identified contributors as the authors of the content found on the Site, must always be acknowledged.
  • Your right to utilise our Site will be terminated instantly if you download or copy any part of UKPets website in breach of these terms of use. We also have the right and option to command that you must return or destroy the copies of the materials you have created.


Use of the UKPets website implies your agreement to always defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless, along with any and all of its agents, employees, and officers against all liabilities, claims, damages, costs, and expenses linked to your use of the website; materials you post, upload, email, or otherwise transmit via the website; or your violation, breach or alleged breach of these terms and conditions.

Privacy and Cookies

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy form part of these Terms and Conditions. Please read our Privacy Policy here.


  • We never guarantee that the website will work at all times and, as such, we bear no responsibility in this regard.
  • We cannot guarantee that the site will meet all your needs or that it will fit any particular purpose.
  • We do not represent or warrant the information and/or facilities on, or that could be accessed via, our website are accurate or are defect-free, including, but not limited to, viruses or other harmful elements.
  • We expressly disclaim all representations and warranties, including, but not limited to, the need for fitness for purpose to the fullest extent permitted under the law.
  • Any tips or advice given on our site is general in nature and may not be applicable to you and your pet. It is up to you to make the necessary steps to double-check that a certain piece of information is effective for your situation. There is no way for us to know the exact personal situation of our users, which is why we cannot guarantee any specific outcome from any suggestion of the materials we provide.
  • We take all reasonable effort to test material before placing it on the site. However, we also do not promise that it will be safe, that all information provided will be correct, and that it will not infringe the rights of others. If it is not available for any reason, you cannot hold us responsible for anything you lose as a result. We have the right to make changes to the site and the services we offer, the way it operates, and/or suspend it or stop it at any time.
  • We never guarantee that our site will work with all systems at all times. In the very unlikely event of any loss, disruption, or damage caused by any material on the site, we cannot be held responsible for them.
  • We endeavour to respond to all correspondence that we receive from our website’s users, but we do not guarantee a response within a specific time limit, or even at all, and will not be held to be liable in this regard.
  • We do not guarantee the truth of any statements and/or representations that are made in an advert and, as such, we advise you to take all reasonable precautions in responding to any of these adverts and/or entering into a truncation with another member of this website.
  • We accept no liability for any of the consequences of cancelling your account, except as is otherwise set out in this website.
  • We accept no liability for anyone that uses this website for commercial purposes of any sort.
  • We shall have no liability or any responsibility whatsoever for any loss suffered caused by viruses or anything else harmful that may infect your computer equipment or other property by reason of your use of, access to, or downloading of any material from this website. If you choose to download material from this website, you do so at your own risk. However, nothing in this clause will limit and/or exclude any liability for personal injury or death resulting from any acts or omissions of fraud or negligence on the part of UKPets.
  • The only rights you have under these Terms and Conditions are those mentioned within this page. If a right is not mentioned (unless it is a right given to you under the laws of England and Wales), then it does not exist.

Links to Other Websites

  • We do not control any of the websites we link to, and so we cannot be responsible for the content of such websites and disclaim liability for any losses that arise from you using them.
  • Just because we link to a site does not mean that we endorse or recommend that site in any way.
  • We can never guarantee that a link to a third-party site will work.
  • If you find any link that we offer to be offensive, please let us know and we will then consider removing it.
  • If you link to any other site using our site, then you understand that separate terms and conditions will apply to those sites and that we have no control over them. Therefore, you agree that you will read and understand these terms and conditions before using those other websites.
  • We disclaim all warranties expressed or implied in relation to the contents accuracy, legality, reliability, or validity on any third-party website that our website links to and that such websites will be virus-free and/or will not include any other harmful elements.
  • Any of these terms and conditions waivers that could be made must be made in writing by UKPets to be legally valid, but will not serve to invalidate any of the remaining terms and conditions, either now or in the future.
  • Where a competent court determines that any of these terms and conditions is void or unenforceable in practice, that provision will be considered to be ineffective, without impacting the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions validity.

Modifications of Terms and Conditions & the Site

As previously stated, we reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without notice. As a result, you MUST visit this page occasionally to ensure that you are up-to-date on any modifications. We also reserve the right to change any of the site content as and when we deem it to be required without notice or liability, but the Terms and Conditions, at the time of changing, will still apply to any changes made. Therefore, continuing to access the UKPets website confirms that you are aware of any changes that are made at any time and that you agree to abide by these changes in full and without exception.


  • Operative Law – This agreement is made under the laws of England and Wales, and that is the only jurisdiction that can govern it.
  • Partnership/Joint Ventures – We and you agree that this agreement does not form the basis of any partnership or co-venture.
  • Effect of Agreement – This agreement supersedes any previous agreement between the parties in relation to the matters dealt within them and represents the entire understanding between the parties.
  • Time of the Essence – Time will not be of the essence in any part of this Agreement.
  • Warranties – All parties acknowledge and agree that they have not entered into this agreement with us in reliance upon anything said or promised by the other that is not expressly provided for in these Terms and Conditions.
  • Force Majeure – If something outside our control happens and that prevents us from performing our services, then you accept that we are not liable for the consequences of that failure (this includes such things as strikes, riots, fires, explosions, war, floods, and so on). If such an event does happen, we will tell you as soon as we are able and resume the service as soon as we can. If we cannot perform the service within a reasonable time, we can cancel it.
  • Unenforceability – If a court or other body says that any part of these Terms and Conditions is unenforceable, the rest of them will stand.
  • Notices – If either you or we need to give formal notice to the other, it must be done by email to the address that each of us gives to the other from time to time.
  • Entire Agreement – These Terms and Conditions contain the entire understanding between us.


In the event that you have any issues that are related to your use of this website at any time, we request that you contact us immediately so that we may then assess the exact nature of your problem. Then, where we agree that you have an issue that falls outside of the remit of this website, we will then endeavour to resolve this problem for you as quickly as possible and without charge.

Nothing that is included in any of these Terms and Conditions will serve to detrimentally impact upon your legal rights under the governing law in any way.