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London | Cats For Sale by Monika chasik

Pure Pedigree GCCF Long Champion blood line Himalayan Persian Seal Point Girl Grandparent is a RUSSIA import World Famous Oakheaven Champion Lines. Prefix MCH-LITTLE-STARS I am a Hobby Breeder based in North London of Pure Healthy Blood lines, Colourpoint Himalayan Persions. Kitten pupils are small on pictures because the light was too bright Kitten can leave to a new home at 13 weeks This price advertised is for none active kitten only. Kittens will be; 1.Health checked 2.Wormed 3.Flea Controled 4.Vaccinated 5.Microchiped 6.Potty Trained Parents and Kittens are part of the family like to play with children and used to home visiters. They are our loving pets and when they are ready to live their play area after fully litter trained then kittens can run around the whole house (Not Kitchen) also spoiled with many cat trees and lots of toys. Used to human hands and grooming. I dont cage animals. They feed only on the Best quality food like Royal Cannin mother and baby biscuits and mousse. Also are only on natural ingredients 60% meat wet food. I add Omega oils. Blue point dad and Chocolate point mum have been tested for PKD, PRA, FLV, FIV and both Negative. With your kitten you will get 1.Medical report. 2.Vet's Health check Certificates twice during their Vaccination. 3.Vet's Treatment Record Vaccination booklet. 4.Pedigree Certificate of 4 Generations. 5.DNA testing results Certificate. 6.GCCF Registration Transfer Document. 7.Petlog Microchip Registration Transfer Document. 8.Certificate of Entirety (for Male's Only) 9.Five Weeks Free kitten Insurance. 10.Kitten Contract 11. For New Breeders DNA Swaps and form London Cat Club form (for discounts) Entirety Certificate form My kittens are very dear to me and im looking for the best home and forever home for them. Kittens Mum And Dad are available to meet at home. Please no time wasters