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  • Jackapoo in Great Britain
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  • Jackapoo
  • Jackapoo Dogs
  • Jackapoo in the UK
  • Jackapoo in the UK
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Exercise Level:
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Good with Children:
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Height: 25 - 38cm M | 25 - 38cm F
Weight: 6 - 14kg M | 6 - 11kg F
Life Expectancy: 12 - 15 Years

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The Jackapoo, also known as Jack-a-poo, Jackadoodle, and poojack, is becoming a rising favourite of dog owners. Because of his warm and jolly nature, he is a great fit for families, especially the ones with children. The breed is easy to train due to his smartness and willingness to please his owners. Since the Jackapoo is a fairly new breed, he is not yet recognised by the Kennel Club.

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The origins of the breed are uncertain. However, it is thought that the Jackapoo was developed during the 1890s or 1990s in the United States. He is a hybrid designer dog that was created through cross-breeding the miniature or toy poodle and the Jack Russell terrier. Whilst the Kennel Club does not recognise the Jackapoo, there are several breed clubs set up across the globe. They ensure that the Jackapoo is bred responsibly.

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Appearance and Grooming

The Jackapoo's appearance may look similar to either of his parent breed. With that said, don't be surprised to see first-generation puppies looking entirely different from each other. Some may inherit more of the toy poodle’s appearance with a curly coat. Meanwhile, the others will closely resemble the Jack Russell terrier with a wiry coat. Their coat may vary in colours of chocolate, cream, black, blue, brown, grey, golden, silver, and tan.

In general, the Jackapoo may range from small to medium size. He has solid, well-built body with a flat head and slightly huge ears that lean forward. His eyes show a sharp and perceptive look. His front and hind legs are muscular with strong paws.

The Jackapoo has a short coat that requires brushing at least twice a week. He may shed more during spring and autumn, so be prepared to groom him frequently when these seasons start. Bathing is necessary only if he is dirty or starts to smell. Washing him too much may damage and dry out his skin and coat. Make it a habit to check and clean his ears regularly. Daily toothbrushing needs to be a part of his grooming routine too to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

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Temperament and Intelligence

The Jackapoo is very friendly pooches and he does well with children and other people. Since he is an energetic dog, supervision is needed when he's is playing with younger children as he may accidentally topple them over. Cats and other animals can become his buddies too. Just make sure that they are well-socialised during their puppyhood. Lack of socialisation may affect his amiability towards people and other pets as he grows older.

The Jackapoo is also a loyal dog that appreciates being close to his human companions. Thus, he fits well in families where there is one person who stays at home whilst everybody is out. Being left alone for a long period can cause him to develop destructive behaviour such as excessive barking. Due to his ‘terrier’ blood, the Jackapoo is a barker. Fortunately, it can be quickly curbed through early training.

This poodle mix takes after his parent breed when it comes to intelligence. He is a very smart and quick learner. However, training him can be slightly difficult as he is quite stubborn. During training, make sure that the activity is kept short, interesting, consistent, and less repetitive so he can easily stay focused.
Use positive reinforcement such as giving him praise and rewarding him with food to keep him motivated. Never shout or punish him since it will only cause him to resent you. The breed is an extremely active dog and excels in various dog activities and competitions, such as agility, obedience, and fly ball.

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Nutrition and Feeding

Give your Jackapoo a diet that is rich in protein as it will help him gain the energy that he has lost because of his intense activity. It will also help him grow and build muscles. Choose a premium-quality dog food that has animal protein as the prime ingredient. Carbohydrates are also needed for energy. Healthy fats and other nutrients are also good as they offer protection and improve your Jackapoo’s immune system and senses.

A Jackapoo puppy needs to be fed at least three to four times a day. Below is a rough guide for the amount of food a Jackapoo puppy should eat. You can adjust the serving size according to your puppy’s build.

  • Two months old - 66 g to 152 g
  • Three months old - 75 g to 179 g
  • Four months old - 78 g to 190 g
  • Five months old - 78 g to 193 g
  • Six months old - 71 g to 193 g
  • Seven months old - 64 g to 174 g
  • Eight months old - 56 g to 156 g
  • Nine months old - 56 g to 139 g
  • Ten months old - 55 g to 138 g

An eleven-month-old Jackapoo puppy can slowly transition to eating adult dog food. Once he is completely mature, you need to adjust the amount of food depending on his energy levels. Use the rough guide below as reference:

  • Dog weighing 5 kg can be fed 80g to 122g
  • Dog weighing 6 kg can be fed 92g to 140g
  • Dog weighing 8 kg can be fed 114g to 174g
  • Dog weighing 10 kg can be fed 135g to 206g
  • Dog weighing 11 kg can be fed 186g to 275g

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Health and Exercise

An active breed, the Jackapoo is very agile and sprightly, thus he requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. Spare at least forty-five to sixty minutes to take him on a walk, play puzzle games, or teach him new tricks and commands. The Jackapoo is a natural digger and hunter, so allow him to engage in games that will satisfy these instincts. If you have a backyard, let him enjoy running and playing about the area. Keep in mind that he is a skilled jumper. Make sure that your fence is high enough to keep him contained.

The Jackapoo is a great companion for people living in family homes, apartments, or condos. However, a potential owner must give him ample amounts of exercise. If this need is not met, he may resort to unwanted behaviours to stop his boredom and expend his extra energy.

The Jackapoo is a hardy breed that can live about twelve to fifteen years if properly taken care of. However, he may inherit health issues from his parent breed. Thus, regular check-ups and tests are extremely important. The following are the health conditions in Jackapoos that you need to look out for:

  • Allergies
  • Anterior luxation
  • Arthritis
  • Bladder stones
  • Cataracts
  • Cushing's disease
  • Deafness
  • Ear infections
  • Patellar luxation

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Cost of Ownership

If you are set on getting a Jackapoo, be ready to pay £250-£500 for a well-bred puppy. To ensure it stays healthy at whatever age, you will need to feed your dog high quality dog food and treats, which can set you back £15-£20 a month. You would also need to spend on dog accessories such as leads, collars, bowls, crates, beds, and toys. The combined initial cost for these things is estimated at £200.

Moreover, you may have to consider paying for pet insurance to offset veterinary bills in case your dog suddenly falls ill or gets into an accident. Depending on where you live and your dog’s health and age, a time-limited cover can cost £20 a month while a lifetime one can cost up to £40 a month. Generally, insurance companies do not cover routine veterinary consultations, initial vaccinations, boosters, and neutering or spaying, so you may also have to spend an additional £1000 annually for these services.

On average, the minimum cost to care for a Jackapoo is £40-£70 per month depending on your pet insurance premium. Lastly, this estimate does not include the rates for other services such as walking and grooming.

Jackapoo Breed Highlights

  • Sociable and friendly, the Jackapoo can easily make friends with people and animals alike provided he has proper socialisation.
  • He requires minimal grooming since he sheds lightly most of the time.
  • He tends to bark excessively and dig, but can be curbed through diligent training.
  • He may tend to be a stubborn learner, so training requires patience.
  • An active dog breed that requires ample amounts of exercise.

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